I just got back from a reunion in DC with some of the fellows I served with in VN. Was a great time if only for one day. Went to the aironautical museum, amazing. To See the Enola Gay and the Endeavor space shuttle up close was a treat for sure.

I have had an idea to build a trike for some time. As I had the opportunity to fly a cobra it has been my dream to build a trike in that fashion complete with the markings of my troop. I was talking to one of the fellows that served on my team, he said to me, Randall I have a clock in the car that came out of a cobra. OMG, center piece on the cockpit dash. I have the major parts, engine, tranny, rearend and a new fatboy frontend. Time to start welding!!!. Would be nice to have it finished for the next get together in Kansas.

Will stop in as I can to catch up. At least the tavern here has wifi. Only link to the outside world. This little place is truly the center of nowhere.