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Thread: Check this out......

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    Check this out......

    Not for this 66 year old kid....

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    Neat! Let's all do it on the TWs!
    Most of those places that claim " The world's most dangerous road" look pretty doable on a motorcycle as long as their is not a lot of oncoming traffic. The surviving truck and bus drivers on these routes are the ones that earn my admiration.
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    I watched that whole video leaning to the right, holding onto the right armrest of the chair in my office.

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    I'm right there with you Smitty. If that was me I believe I would have widened the gap between cycles. I wonder how many guys died building that road not to mention the guys that fall off each year.

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    The TV perspective is just plain scary. I bet when you there it feels a little safer. I can stand on top of a tall building and look out and be fine. When I see the same thing on video, I'm like that looks freaky..
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    I'd love to go tour Nepal. In fact, it'd be a fantastic place to ride a TW. So I dug up the website for Yamaha in Nepal. The biggest bike they sell there is a 153cc model (not a TW; just one of their regular bikes). I'd love to bring my TW with me and go spend a couple of months there and just tour the whole country. You can live on about $5-8 a day from what I can tell (and that's living large).

    I know it's probably not possible or allowed, but I'd love to see how close to Everest Base Camp I could get on the TW, before the air got too thin or the trail too narrow/rocky/whatever. At 20k feet, I'm sure the bike would peter out around 12-13k (me too).
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    "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.. I had a hard time on the going to the sun road......My wife really freaked out, we turned back. OMM.
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    I'd love to ride my Dub there!
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    Wow that is crazy

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    wow….. I do "going to the sun" and the Beartooth Highway all the time with no problems but I'd pass on riding this one… Had to take the image off " full screen" on my 27"mac!

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