Losing more of California.
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Thread: Losing more of California.

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    Losing more of California.

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    TAKE HEAD THE REST OF YOU FOLKS WHO STILL RESIDE IN FREE STATES!! I will bet dollars to donuts this is inevitable... Diann Frankenstein will get her way, as the hand basket stamped P.R.O.C. gains speed towards hell...

    I can only hope that your friends & neighbors respect the gift of the freedoms they possess, and realize that California is not always the shining example to follow... ONCE YOU LOOSE SOMETHING YOU ENJOY, YOU WILL NEVER EVER GET IT BACK!! m.
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    Two of our ORV areas where closed. We fought the good fight but you can't beat a city councel that hates atv's and dirt bikes. Now the areas are fenced off with locked gates and no one can enjoy them. " Yup" we gained alot.
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    Obama's Land Grab....Wants to make the freeloaders and Illegals feel more at home in Mexifornia than they already do...might as well fence in the entire f**king state and turn it into one big Nazi Concentration Camp:

    ISIS Training Camps anyone?
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    Go ahead...fence it off...I got bolt cutters. Doing the same shit here...buying up land and marking it state property keep out...does NOT keep me out.
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    One of the issues with withdrawing easy access to large tracts of public land with the noble intent of "preserving for enjoyment of future generations" is that few have time and initiative to hike twenty or more miles to visit them neither now nor in the future. As a result the visitors nibble at the edges and rarely penetrate into the heart of wildernesses or withdrawn National Monuments. Thus the impact is concentrated in small, visible areas that the regulators then point to and say further restrictions are required to lessen this impact.
    I liken this to an analogy between the open migratory herds of the Serengeti Plains compared to the concentrated browsing in a fenced feed-lot or pasture. In the former case the plains can absorb vast numbers whose impact is spread out and thus environment rebounds and recovers. The alternate is concentrated impact with a trampled ecosystem that struggles to recover. Think of how millennia of sheep over-grazing has decimated Mediterranean islands with soil erosion , decimated forests and a worn out look resembling nothing from the days of Homer. Cyprus and Lebanon used to have tree- based economies, not anymore.
    These issues of the consequences of preservation management were very much in my face last week as I was halted at re-visiting areas I knew before the enactment of numerous wilderness areas of the eastern sierras. Formerly idyllic drives trough lightly impacted mountains with diversified camping now have numerous restrictions and barriers and messy concentrated impact areas.
    And personally I think it is an oddity and waste of my tax-payer money to see numerous signboards in the back-country prohibiting discrimination in the national forests based of race, creed or religious affiliation. Thanks fed. gov., should I see anyone I shall be sure to not discriminate. These signs sound reasonable until one sees the relatively un-inhabited places they are erected. I've rushed up to these things anticipating finding helpful local specific information like a map...'YOU ARE HERE". Nope.
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    This has been going on for years. Millions of acres were deemed wilderness in the West under Clinton, when they clearly did not meet the definition. Fortunately, here in MI, the laws are moving in favor of ORVs after 30 years of loss of access and land. Amazingly, the local communities In rural areas have found ORV riders spend money, stay in hotels, maintain trails and roads and add economic activity. I have lived all over the country and it was only the tough economic times that made government actually acknowledge the benefits of ORVs to the economy in MI. Keep educating people and joining organizations to make your opinions known.

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    Hell, up here in the UP if you don't have an ORV you can't get to half the places. In the summer it's dirt bikes, quads and side by eaches. Winter it's snowmobiles.

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    Back in the 70's and 80's Blackwater W.Va. was a real off-road Mecca with the Blackwater 100 being billed as America's toughest race. The little town thrived. Then the enviros came in and kicked us and then even the MTB crowd out. The town has pretty much died. Thing is the whole area was an ex coal mine. How much more harm could be done?

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    All too familiar.

    Back, just after high school is when we really got into picklin' (not talking about riding bikes and atcs around farm, real trail riding).

    In 1993, the Big Sioux experienced one of the greatest floods it has seen in 50 years. After all the water calmed down and we were stopped on a sandbar, we crawled up the bank and scouted around. Absolute destruction. Trees, corn stalk mountains, and a sea of flattened nettles.

    Well He77, it ain't good for nuthin' else. And so IT began.

    Just a few at first, me and my good, good pals. Word spread and the quads came. Soon there was a most ultimate set of trails. Mud holes, sand pits, hard pack, hills, and just plain ole neat woods riding; miles and miles of them. And the best part, No One wanted anything to do with it. Our little slice of Heaven.

    2-3-4 years it went on. We'd ride just about every weekend. In the winter, we'd coverall up and ride through snow drifts.

    Being into pickles, we really were not "aware" of other's interests. One particular fall Saturday, while stopped for a smoke break (always pocketed field dressed butts) a guy with a gun came out of no where. Then another. And another. And they were pissed! Apparently, it was opening day for deer hunting (yes, I admit, we were ignorant and probably in the wrong) and I guess we were scaring up the deer.

    It could have been resolved right then and there with the explanation of what time of year it was (which they told us) and the "Get the F out of here!" (which we did), but no. A couple of them had to take it to the South Dakota DNR. A couple of weeks passed to where we thought all had died down. We stayed out for the time being, but others (out of towners) went back out. Word soon now spread of these new signs that were put up and a heavy $400 fine issued if you were caught out there. gulp

    Then came the stir around town. It was first at the gas station, then at the saloon. Sales went down and no one could quite explain it. We, almost immediately, recognized what happened, but we remained quiet as we felt we were responsible for the offense. Not saying that our trail system's demise was solely responsible for these business' decline, but when 6-10 trucks with loaded car haulers full off road vehicles were no longer seen buying fuel and snack goodies and the saloon's lot, full in later afternoon for happy hour and a football game, is now empty, it lead us to believe there was some contribution.

    Time passed and the station closed. The bar is hanging on by a thread (.08 BAC, a statewide smoking ban, and cell phones (no longer need to meet up at bar to see what and where everyone is going/doing)), but it is a ghost of what once was. Casual, unidentified tourist revenue was replaced by OUI citations (much more bang for your buck, until that too all dried up). I am not advocating for operating while intoxicated, but when the off duty, 3 times failed the police course, cop is tearing it up as much as everyone else one night, then being all holier than the next, it puts a sour taste in your mouth.

    After getting my little TW this spring, I rode it into town one afternoon, and decided to go look at the signs. It now says something about this is your ground, and nothing about motor vehicles. I then decided to venture a little ways down the trail to our once beloved trail system. About 40 yards in, there were RR ties stuck vertically in the ground, spaced to prevent a car, but not a bike or 4 wheeler. By all the candy, chip, soda, and beer cans (no to mention condom wrappers), you could obviously tell what this little place was now being used for, and past the ties, an overgrown sea of nasty, healthy nettles. All gone.

    I need to talk with someone in the know to see if this is really now how it is and iffin' we might be able to use it again, but my hopes aren't high.

    Forgive me if you've heard this before.

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