all blues are not equal; take pictures
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Thread: all blues are not equal; take pictures

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    all blues are not equal; take pictures

    ***I would first like to preface this post by saying I have no ill feeling towards ProCycle. That company's website, customer service, and general customer support via phone, are unmatched.***

    I have been wanting to post and share some of my findings, but with not only being somewhat predisposed, I have not wanted to share and make clear, my...let's say ignorance.

    As some of you may know, I picked up a 96 TW this spring. It had been sitting quite awhile. With the generous help and guidance of this forum, I have breathed new life into an old bike that may have been destined to the ol' barn death.

    Getting it going, running well, and doing some question asking and trading around here, I have gotten it to be a rather rideable, and enjoyable unit. But I was not yet quite "thrilled" with it. Up on a lift, it was more than apparent the the steering head bearing were shot. The previous owner must have given it a good drop, as road riding had to done at different arm positions as the handlebars were bent. And still running the stock (even though it was said that he had replaced the tires) ones, including the famous "Death Wing". I have mentioned to others on this forum, of all the bikes and riding that I have done, I have never fallen down as much as I have with this new to me little bike. Not to mention the fork seals were blown out and the fork boots ripped into more than one piece.

    Well, all that was about the change.

    About a week or so I put in a call to ProCycle. The list was as follows....

    -new front wheel bearings

    -new Shinko GoldenBoy 244 in the 4.60 size

    -new fork seals

    -new fork boots (in blue )

    -new ProTaper handlebars

    -new steering head bearings

    Pretty much rebuild the entire front end.

    Working full time in town (with a 1/2 commute each way) and two young children, I knew I would not have the time it would take to do all the fixin' myself. I farmed out to the local indie bike shop.

    With temps going to be in the mid to high 60's this past weekend, and knowing that was going to be about the last of the nice ones, I was a bit of a pest to them. But they handled me well and got me fixed up. I had to make an extra trip to town Saturday morning to pick it up, but it was fine if I could have my fixed up little bike back.

    And fixed up it was. It looked great, however, I was less ecstatic about the "blue" on the fork boots. Oh well, I can live with it. At least I have the proper oil in forks now. That should change the handling, shouldn't it? Not to mention not having to through your weight around in order to make fast turns with those old indexed head bearings.

    So I get it home...Yeah!

    We rent the farm ground out and they just got the corn out last week. They do it differently than when we used to farm it. They now bring in huge grain carts and belly dump tractor trailers to collect the corn from the combines. In doing so, they run down the cornstalks and make a sort of roadway through the fields. Slick enough as they are, Friday night we got a 1/2 in of rain, so there was a nice layer of mud underneath. Ahh, conditions were Perfect!

    Get the bike off truck, warm it up, and pull on a stocking cap, Carhartt jacket, some gloves, and some safety glasses (I know, I know, but full disclosure) and head out.

    Holy Cow jumpin' over the Moon!!! Different bike. I finally figured out what you all were saying about the TW being a light bike (with bad head bearings, you could not flick bike) and with the Death Wing on, I always hesitated to push it. I also now know what you all were saying about a tire cutting in.

    Man, I was flickin', throwin', twistin', driftin', just having a gay ol' time. Just about every gear I hit, throw it sideways, twist the throttle, and push the backside out and hang it there. Soooo nice! I felt like I was back on my little CR80.

    Annnnd, of course. I finally get to report, and PhotoBucket is down. Will have to edit later to include pictures.

    Anyway, I was ripping around having a great time. Found a culvert spillway and chewed through it like an atv. Just a great day, going out, stopping back in smilin' at bike awhile, and head back out. Played for about three hours.

    Alright, one last ride. Getting dark and cold.

    I head out and get about 1/2 mile from home. At this point, the wife takes the kids into watch the Halloween parade and said I could stay since I was having such a great time.

    I get back to doing the sliding, grinning thing when I came across a row of about 4-6 cornstalks that were not mashed down. I cut to the left, 244 tire cuts in just as I expected, only it cut right in just in front of those few stalks and hits them right where the roots meet the ground. Froomp! Straight over center. My head hits the ground and my glasses get knocked askew. Looking at the ground through misalinged glasses, I say to myself "Well way to go Jeff. You knew you were going to do it, now you did".

    Laying there waiting for the wave of pain to recede, I wonder why it is taking longer than I remember...well, I am getting older.

    Flipping myself over onto my back to get a look at the poor bike laying on it's side, I did not notice my right foot pointing straight at my left. Scooting up to get myself onto my elbows for a better look, not only do I see my right foot flop 180* to the right, but the shooting pain made sure I was aware of it.

    "Dumba55 Jeff. Now you went and broke your leg. Dipsh1t".

    Wanting a smoke, I notice gas dripping out of gas cap, and not wanting to lay there in a lake of fire, I start doing the shimmy away from the bike. Then noticing that the switch is still on, I have to crawl back to it to turn it off, then turn around and crawl back away from it, flopping my foot back and forth with each scoot; and rip of pain.

    I start to gather some heavy cornstalks and clean them up in order to make myself a makeshift split, I lay there for a good 10-15 mins. having a smoke and trying to figure out the least painful way to make my way to the back of the bike to get the bungee off the rack to splint up my leg.

    It then hits me. I was going down to the creek to get some more pictures to share with the forum. I reach back into my backpocket. Yesss, it's there; my phone!

    I text my wife: I'm sorry / broke my leg / in field

    10 mins. go by, now answer.

    Ah he11. Call my Mom and ask what she's doin'. Nothing, just waiting for you guys. Well, I'm not coming. Can you come out to farm and get in my truck and drive down into the cornfield and pick me up? I broke my leg and am laying in field, can you come get me and take me to hospital?

    And the motherly worrying panic begins.

    A long story a bit shorter. Wife got message an called ambulance. Mom made it to me, but refused to help me with my cornstalk splint. Ambulance crew needs much better training, but I made it to hospital and now have a full leg cast (broke Tibia low by ankle, Fibula up by knee) Called it a "spiral" fracture.

    Pulled the battery out of my little hot dog yesterday for the winter.

    Although I am blue, without pics of blue boots, the title is a bit misleading. Hopefully PB will clear up and I can post pics to give title meaning.

    However, the moral of the story, ALWAYS be prepared to take pictures of your ride. If you do, chances are MUCH better that you will be able to call for help; iffin' ya need it.

    Ok...razzing welcome.

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    Holy cow. No razzing here. I hope you heal quickly and keep your spirits up. At least you will have the winter to heal instead of prime riding season. Truly sorry to hear this news.

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    Wow, I was reading along thinking "Jeff sure knows how to ride and have fun" and then I got to part where all the fun spiral fractured right out of the picture. That Jeff kept his head and arranged his rescue is commendable. So sorry for the injury Jeff.
    May your recovery be swift and complication free.
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    Not many tell their "fail" stories and I applaud you for doing so. Glad you're basically ok and hope you have a speedy recovery, though I'm guessing it ain't gonna be that fast. Thanks for sharing.
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    Heal quick!
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    Oh crap!

    Hope you heal up fast!
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    That sounds like a good Iowa farmboy situation/scenario.
    You know what they say: If you have not been hurt, you haven't ridden!!
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    Glad you're ok - (sorta ok anyhow) - ............
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    Cup is half full Jeff. It could always be worse.
    Hope you will be as good as new in no time.
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    Bucket working for now

    New look

    Getting unnecessary hot rod tips from big brother

    Just chewed through and up little spillway; steeper than it looks

    More pretty

    Bike was not hurt at all, other than my ribs ripping off the right mirror. May need new perch clamp. Tore threads right out.

    Kickin' it with Mom and Dad revisiting some classics (Bad News Bears, Used Cars, Slap Shot, Harvey, and a few others). Got and watched Cycles South Monday, and the original On Any Sunday should be up in the mailbox, but I haven't gotten there yet.

    Thank You for all your kind words. Much Appreciated.

    Getting ready to enjoy (before I drift off) another good one, Murder By Death.

    Because it is that good, I'll share Mom's card...

    God Love the sweet woman, but just another arrow in her quiver to hit me with.

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