Yall sittin or standin?
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Thread: Yall sittin or standin?

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    Yall sittin or standin?

    Just curious what you do in those tight areas...you sit or stand...I have said it before and i will say it again, the TW is not a trials bike BUT...it is related to one....I guess what I am trying to say is I have a good deal of confidence in my abilities while standing on the pegs, somebody added little plastic pad to the sides of the tank...works extremely well for gripping the tank with your legs. I can do some seriously slow stuff on this thing I love it....makes me really want a trials bike!
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    I usually sit when I can, as I love the TW for the slow and steady approach. I do stand when needed. There are definitely times and places where you gain significant advantages by standing. I just don't want to stand all day like on the taller, noisier, faster, skinny tired bikes. The TW style fits me better.
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    Sit for most of it.... I'll stand if there's a chance I'll have to bail in the tougher stuff...
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    The fat soft tires sure help a lot for us old geezers that don't have strong knees any more. Slow down, sit, bump through, waddle if you have to.
    The low saddle height makes this possible.
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    I stand pretty much all the time off road, the weight on the pegs makes the center of mass lower and offers more control of the bike with body weight.
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    Still got the oem bars on mine. Not really indicative to standing. Wee bit short. May put some risers on for next year.

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    Since getting the SeatConcepts I can now sit longer in the bouncy terrain.
    Probably 75% of the time off-road I sit, then stand for moderately rough stuff requiring body english and fast responses, then sit again for when I get truly intimidated. What is beneficial in challenging terrain is keeping my toes in,knees hugging tank in somewhat of an attack posture; anything but toes and knees splayed outwards in a lazy snag-a-rock posture.
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    This is a good question... The vast majority of the time it's pure instinct for me. Although on the deeper mud puddles I tend to rise up off the seat just a little... m.

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    I used to ride trials bikes back in the '70's...when they still had seats. Most of the time now I sit since I'm an old fart. BUT, I can still get up on the pegs in a hurry if I see a bad pothole too late! The only other time I'm up on the pegs is on a steep hill, or on a water crossing.
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    I stand a lot off pavement. I don't have a good reason why usually, it just feels safer in the hairy looking blind corners with steep drop offs and rough patches. (Better riders would probably experience these as fine wide corners with a margin of safety a mile wide, but they get my full attention.)

    I definitely must stand to cross a certain creek as its usually a bouncy ride and occasionally a wild rodeo of a white knuckled couple of moments.

    I've been nearly pitched off the bike a couple of times getting out of ditches and such where I never intended to go but somehow did anyway.

    So I stand, it just seems to make things go better and it gives me a chance to practice moving my weight around.

    I've always had to sit briefly to shift, but I managed to up-shift while standing just the other day.
    Wasn't pretty. Don't know if that is a difficult skill for others or not, but I find it discombobulating.

    Discombobulated Weebles+Motorcycle Riding=Baadd Ju-Ju
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