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Thread: Blue-Blood.

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    After much searching I have finally found my 2nd TW.

    A 1999 model with less than 3000km on the clock!

    Bike now named: BLUE-BLOOD.

    The original owner (age - 50) never had a licence so he used to just ride it around his back yard or short trips to the local shops.

    Strange, I know, but true! His story checked out with his neighbours and the local Yamaha dealer.

    Bike is really in mint condition with only the exhaust ever being upgraded directly after purchase. (tyres are quite perished from standing though)Bike appears designed for the Canadian market though. See stickers.

    I already have a 2003 model (Spitfire) See pics.

    So was quite surprised by all the differences between the pre 2001 and after 2001 but more on this later.

    If the pics work thanks again Admiral.

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    WOW!!! nice x-two!I like the British AF spot, Very Cool!
    For inquires please email me at Hidden Content for ordering info. If requesting a shield please include :NAME,FORUM NAME,PHONE #,SHIPPING ADDRESS,AND COLOR CHOICE,(Jet Black, Smoke Grey, Crystal Clear, Dark Blue, Neon Edge Glow -Light Blue & Neon Edge Glo Hi-Vis Orange )


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