Curious about highway speeds
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Thread: Curious about highway speeds

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    I recently purhcased a TW and am using it to commute to work and back. I find it to be comfortable to ride top end around 40MPH. Anything faster and the bike seems a bit squirrley. I know a fellow that has a TW also and he says he can run it 60MPH with no trouble. So I am wondering what others out there are comfortable running their TWs at on the highways. 35-40MPH and it's great but anything faster for me seems a bit hairy. What say you all?

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    Tombstone Arizona
    i go 35-40 off road...

    but i can get my tw up to 70mph, 75mph down a hill

    i usually cruise at 50 on my daily commute to the nearest town.(best mpg achieved at this speed too)
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    If YOU are not comfortable with how the bike feels over that speed, then that should be the limit.

    Play with your tire pressure then ride to see how it responds. Find a quieter county road/highway/interstate or a quieter time of day to ride and continue to learn the bike and get a better feel for it and increase speed when a higher level of comfort comes to you.

    I commute 26 miles, half on a 55mph road and the other half on a 70mph interstate and I keep up with traffic (to a degree...I don't speed that much). I wouldn't recommend 70mph interstates until the bike has been modified to recover its speed at those higher speeds (taking 5 minutes to get from 60mph back up to 70mph is not safe on the interstate).

    Don't worry about high speeds if you think the motor doesn't like the high rpm's. It doesn't care.
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    Indio, CA
    I have had mine up too 70 mph but it feels a little unsafe but stable, 55 to 60 feels better

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    I can roll at 65 no problem, but it sounds pretty wound up.

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    1993 TW200 in Meridian, Idaho
    I'm happiest on the TW if I can ride about 40-45mph, but there are streets around town where if I don't go 50, I'll get run over. The TW handles it with no issues, it's more like that exceeds my comfort level a bit. It's hard to tell from your post whether you're concerned about the bike handling faster speeds or you are uncomfortable with higher speeds. If it is the former, don't worry. A healthy TW can handle 60 mph with no worries in most cases. Yeah, I've seen reports of 70 mph, but I'm guessing that is with a newer bike and perhaps non-stock sprockets (and perhaps a tail-wind too - ) Even if my TW could go that fast however, I'd be white-knuckled riding it at that speed.

    You'll need to decide how often you really need to go faster, probably dictated by the traffic flow you plan to be riding in. If you are going to be doing mostly street riding in fast traffic, perhaps the TW is not the right bike for you. If riding in fast traffic is only an occasional thing though, the TW will handle it and with practice, you'll get more comfortable.
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    It seems both my TW's have no problem hitting 65 up a 2 or 3% grade near our house in way under a quarter mile, but I like to ride around 50-55 with this bike on the road. It's always good to have a little more top end to work with in case you need it, and at 65, our babies don't have a whole lot left to give. I don't find either the 05' or the 10' to be squirrely at speed beyond the fact that I know I'm near the limit of the bike... and moving. I'm in the suburbs with freeways and all - and there's just too many CARS! Maybe a sprocket change would help, but that's going to affect the off road handling, so I'm not going there.

    Might want to make sure there are no mechanical problems with the forks or even your tire pressure and rear alignment.

    Be safe
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    I was in the same frame of mind when I got my '08 TW. Little by little I got used to going a bit faster as time went by. I guess living out in the country helps some also...not a lot of traffic out here. I also make sure like the other folks on this forum to check my running gear before every ride: oil...chain..lights...brake, etc. I now ride 55 to 60 MPH without worrying about the get used to it.
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    I have never had any reason to push my TW to test its top speed. I have speeds where I am comfortable ( usually between 50-70 kmph) and that is where I happily ride it.

    If the bike feels squirelly at higher speeds - then don't drive there.

    I often just like to put around at someimte as low as 30 kmph just for the joy of being out riding -

    Whatever speed feels right to you is the right speed for the bike.
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    Mar 2011
    Does weight of the rider contribute to stability? I ask as I had occasion to put 20# on the back of my bike to other day and it seemed to me the ride was more stable. I agree with putting miles on it and I will. I used to ride a street bike so the dual sport configuration is different for me. Thanks for all the input and the generous nature of the forum contributors. Being a newbie to the TW I find the topics a great way to learn about this great bike. Had someone try and buy mine the other day while at work.;-)
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