Battery Tender on new TW
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Thread: Battery Tender on new TW

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    Battery Tender on new TW

    I just got this battery tender for a 2016 TW200 and pulled the seat off to find it already had the quick connect installed.

    I pugged it in and the battery seems to make a quite soft bubbling sound. Is this ok?

    I got this tender -
    Battery Tender® Plus
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    If the battery is the flooded cell type, make sure there is enough distilled water in each cell of the battery.

    Also, double check the polarity of the harness on the bike.

    I cannot say there is something wrong, as I have never heard any of my batteries make any noise while hooked up to the exact same charger you have.

    Also, it is never really quiet in my shop, and I'm somewhat deaf. Just ask Susan. She says I never listen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdnphotography View Post
    ... I pugged it in and the battery seems to make a quite soft bubbling sound. Is this ok?
    If you double checked the polarity of the pigtail AND the BT Plus goes into float mode (steady green) after a few hours, it should be fine. I assume you still have the OEM lead acid Yuasa? Remove the caps and verify it wasn't over filled. Generally, a low amp charge like this should not make the battery bubble, and it definitely should not bubble on the float charge....that's only 75 milliamps or so. If you have to put your ear right to the top of the battery it's probably fine, but listen to what happens after it goes to float.

    The BT is supposed to sense reversed polarity and blink red and green....I assume it's not doing that.
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    Really, the battery tender Jr. (750mA) would be a better product for you. Your plus model appears to put in 1.25 amps. That's really what it's all about, the amps. It may be a little "hot" for your little battery. The loose rule is to find what the reserve capacity of the battery is. Proper current is up to 1 amp for every 10 hrs of capacity. So the TW stock flooded battery has like a 7-8 hr res cap=up to 700-800 milliamps for proper charge. Your 120 res cap truck battery can take up to 12 amps, etc.

    Flooded batteries will gurgle and bubble as they charge, but if the current is too excessive, they can boil over and that is bad. I would think that your charger would be fine to charge up a dead battery, but I probably wouldn't use it as a maintainer. That's my 2 cents.
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    Hmm...I have the Jr., all three of them, and my batteries never bubble, so I thought going from .75 amps to 1.25 amps would not make that big a difference. It's certainly true that the Jr. is half the price! I'd return the Plus and buy a Jr. if I was you. Hard to believe, but Yamaha Store actually charges MORE than the suggested retail ($69.95 according to Deltran). Can you say rip-off?

    Get a Jr. for $39.95 from Amazon! No more "bubble, bubble, toil and trouble"..... Wm Shakespeare.
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    I use battery tender JR. and I've noticed the same (tiny) bubbling sound. Almost like a fizzing. It does this with a brand new battery - and an old one.
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    Battery Tender on new TW

    It's my experience that every flooded cell battery I have ever owned has made some soft bubbling sound when it's charging(I have owned a bunch over the years in my bass boat, my current one takes 4). This normally occurs when the batter is closer to fully charged. In the marine world we have always called it " gassing". As long as it's a slight bubbling and it does not sound like it's boiling you should be fine. If it sounds like it's boiling you are over charging it.

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    I've used the Jrs. for years with only good results.
    But...if my battery was bubbling or boiling I couldn't hear it either!
    And if you want to get a good look at it...don't use a match!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post bought the wrong battery tender.

    Yeah, yeah, I know most of you will disagree with me, but I have owned those larger Battery tenders before, and they do NOT last as long, or slowly trickle charge and then maintain a battery like the Battery tender JR. does.

    I have 7 of the Battery Tender JR. models, and have some that are 10+ years old. They have never failed me...and they are 1/2 the price of what you paid for that "monster" Battery Tender...
    Mike, you have such a way with words.....

    In an effort to educate, and not denigrate the fine Deltran battery charger the OP has already purchased...

    My experience with BT Plus has not been exemplary:

    Here's three I have in a bucket in the garage. I have two more in NC, and just last week threw out another that was on my tractor.

    None of them work.

    I must be a slow learner...

    I just bought one of their new versions... Battery Tender 022-0185G-dl-wh Black 12 Volt 1.25 Amp Plus Battery Charger/Maintainer: Automotive

    Also have a couple of BT Jr's still in operation.

    Here's hoping that JDN has better luck than you and I, and his BT Plus has a long and happy life.

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    All pig tails are not created equal! Yuor BT came with a pig tail that has red and black on the battery ends. Just because the BT plugs into the existing pig tail does not mean it is the correct polarity. Match the BT pig tail to the one on your bike and be absolutely sure the positive is on the + of the battery. On the BT the wire from the unit to the connector plug uses the exposed metal pin, male end, as the positive leg. On the pig tail the covered female side of the plug is the positive to the battery.

    I have a bunch of the BT Jrs and one 4 bank one that all work perfect for me. I do not trust those small transformers so I always use an extension cord rather than leave them plugged into a wall outlet. I figure if one shorts out I don't want it near a combustible wall in my shop so I keep it away from anything that could burn.

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