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Thread: Number of TW's sold in the U.S. annually? Number imported?

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    If it is important then one can always go get the answer oneself.
    Start with a phone call to Yamaha MotorCompany:1 (800) 962-7926
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    There was a lot to like about my V7II, but it was VERY cold natured and behaved cold on a warm restart for about 1/2 a minute.
    Possibly an issue with heated O2 sensors warming up...just a guess.

    This was my report on the Sportsgter forum, almost two years ago.

    540 mile / 17 day report:

    1. Love the low end torque...and I am already accustomed to H-D Sportsters.

    2. Love the 5.55 gallon fuel tank

    3. Love the light weight (436#)

    4. Love accessibility for checking spark plugs

    5. Love the black powder coated alloy wheels (does not show grime and I really appreciate tubeless tires)

    6. Love key access to seat removal (two bolts on Bonneville and one bolt on Sportsters)

    7. Love the seat height...not too low...not to high

    8. Love the storage under the seat for a small tool bag, spare fuses, spare spark plugs, 6x9 zip lock bag of schematics, etc.

    9. Love readability of the gauges...although the numbers could be a tad bigger for 70 year old eyes

    10. Love the ground clearance and lean angle capabilities

    11. Love the shaft drive

    12. Air filter (AP8104924) is inexpensive at $8 - $9

    13. Spark plugs (NGK CPR8EB-9) can be ordered from O'Reilly's for $4.49 each

    14. Yuasa YTX14-BS battery equivalent is stocked at my local O'Reillys (ETX14), a factory filled AGM for $102.99

    15. The 3 relays (headlight on after startup, start and injectors) are the same part number (AP8224462) and are only about $7

    16. Appreciate easy access to air filter, fuses and battery, although 3 relays are under the fuel tank

    17. Most sensors (and injectors) are easy access (right head temp, oil pressure switch, engine RPM, etc), but some are not (neutral switch, TPS, coils)

    18. Seat has been comfortable for up 6 hour days, thus far; whereas both Sportsters and Bonneville seat required upgrades for more than 50 miles. Can better evaluate after a 300+ mile, 5 hour+ run to Stove Pipe Wells in Death Valley, planned for the end of March.

    19. This is the first bike which may remain absolutely stock, other than a Dart Marlin flyscreen, removal of decals and stickers and LED tail/stop 1157. I added Pelican cases for side bags

    20. Only negatives are:
    A. the lean mixture, both cold start (likes 2 minutes +) and even after a "warm" start after only a few minutes shutdown, which likes almost a full minute after re-start.
    B. a few things are crowded under the tank/between the heads (throttle body, coil, etc.)

    2016 Moto Guzzi V7II, Lee Cyn-23 Aug 2017.JPG
    2016 Moto Guzzi V7II-16 Mar 2017.JPG
    2016 MotoGuzzi V7II Upper Pahranagat Lake 29 Mar 2017.JPG
    4-SR-14, UT, approaching Duck Creek.JPG
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    If it is important then one can always go get the answer oneself.
    Start with a phone call to Yamaha MotorCompany:1 (800) 962-7926
    Thanks! Im gonna call. Just curious. I bet all the after-market folks know these numbers.
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