Which GoPro mount is preferred?
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Thread: Which GoPro mount is preferred?

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    Which GoPro mount is preferred?

    My fellow TW brothers, I have come to you guys to ask a question. I have a GoPro 3 hero and a cube. Which are the best mounts? What are the best locations for helmet and bike? What are advantages and disadvantages? Thanks Mark
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    I prefer the Teletubby mount.

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    I have one mounted to my front Cyclerack.

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    smitty, doesn't your camera, mounted on the front rack pick up a lot of vibration? I tried mounting on my handle bars and didn't like the jitters in the vids
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    I have experimented with several different mounting locations with different brands of camera's. I have always had success with a helmet mount, side or top. I have also mounted the camera's to the motorcycle and but experience a vibration showing in the video. Sometimes bad and sometimes ok. Editing will be your friend on this! The sound wasn't as good when mounted on the motorcycle either as compared to the helmet mount. Mounting in front of the cowling or on a front cyclerack as Smitty Blackstone mentions could mitigate the sound issues.

    I have also experimented with a chest mount and didn't care for it that much as I got a screen full of handlebar and instruments blocking the view of the trail. Some people like to see others speedometer's and handlebar action so opinions could vary on this. Also, I move around too much for a chest mount (worse than the helmet mount).

    I like the helmet mounts the best for greater field and variety of views offered. One has to physically move the camera for different views when using chest, motorcycle & helmet mounts. All mounting have their place, though.

    Experiment and find what you like.

    Good luck.
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    I agree with the Admiral. My videos from the bike mount are almost unwatchable due to vibration. I liked the top mounted helmet mount but it can be an issue at speed and also interfere if you have a modular helmet. The side mount helmet mount is what I recently switched to and seems to work well for me.
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    I have the top mount on my helmet and a chest mount. The chest mount works the best for me. I have to keep it high on my chest or you get vids of mostly the "dashboard". The helmet mount works pretty good off road if there isn't too many low branches to snag it. On road it does tend to tip the helmet back at speed. Also tried mounting it on the lower fork tube for a different perspective. That work OK on the smooth sections but the audio picked up a lot of noise from engine vibrations.
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    Are there steady-cam mounts for GoPro? Has anyone tried to make them?
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    Check out this great video from Cross training regarding various mounting options:

    And this one for techniques:

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    I find the chin mount to be the best location, although it is usually a custom install situation.
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