Hey, hey, pulled the TW out of storage today
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    Installed the battery and it fired right up. Now if the snow/ice would melt from the driveway I'd be good to go.

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    Even Northern California is noted for it's hot Summers. Given the snow we have had this Winter, I suspect I will be dealing with blocked trails (in the shadows) into Late June. Guess all things change. Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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    Done pushed mine out of the barn today .Seems we were thinking alike. fired right up. Did a oil and filter change. Maybe it will get a bath on sunday. We still have low snow,I was asked to ferry a cummins guy up to a tower friday in the snow cat. It usually is drivable by now. It seem like a long winter.

    It will be late june for some of the snow banks ,for sure.


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