Clarke tank color
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Thread: Clarke tank color

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    Clarke tank color

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to buy a Clarke tank, but I'm flip flopping on which color to get. I originally wanted natural so I could see the gas level. After finding out that most (but not all) motorcycle plastic gas tanks, including this one, are illegal for street use, I'm hesitant to draw attention to the fact it's plastic.

    I have a white 08. I read a post from many years back that the Clarke white is mismatched from the Yamaha white. If I'm going to go matchy matchy, the color needs to be right.

    I'm wondering if Clarke fixed their white so it looks ok now? Any opinions?

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    I have the Clarke 4.1 gallon XT225 tank on my 2008 TW. I'm pretty picky about matching colors, and I think they are pretty darn close.
    The tank has started discoloring from where my knees rub against the sides, but otherwise, it's holding up well.
    Here's a couple pics for you to see for yourself.

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