I just bought New To Me used TW200 ! After much research I thought that
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Thread: I just bought New To Me used TW200 ! After much research I thought that

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    I just bought New To Me used TW200 ! After much research I thought that

    After much research and time browsing tons of forums I finally decided to find a TW200 and after several let downs I found the one I was looking for,
    While its a 2003, It just turned 2000 miles under my ownership last evening putting around some abandoned areas in my area,
    I drive the following as mood suits,
    1999 Buell M2, Yes 1200cc Sporty engine with some mods making about 100 HP to the earth,
    1972 BMW K60, Yep a 600cc twin just right for commuter traffic and highways,
    I really wanted something to go and explore the places which I used to drive my perfectly suited 97 Disco, But back to the subject,
    After much reading and checking out several vehicles I felt that the TW would be about perfect for my wants,
    Easy to drive, Light, Maneuverable, Fantastic turning circle and yes the big floating tires are great for the sand roads of the Pine Barrens in NJ which I know very well, This skinny tires don't like 5 Mph thru soft sand,
    IS there anything goofy I missed about these bikes? They seem pretty well sorted and if I keep up on maintenance, They should keep going and going and going! Right?
    Ill be here reading and I am sure posting a few pics as I will be making some custom parts for the bike as I feel a better bash guard in desired as well as a few smaller items,
    I fabricate a few steel tools at work for custom applications and Illl fit a few hours in for some neat stuff for the tw,
    40' out my front door I have about 20 acres of hilly state land which Ill be cutting a few trails in, It will give me something to do while waiting for the wife to get ready to get out the door,
    "Hun, Ill be access the street. Call me when you're ready to go"
    Oh, Ill be getting in a bit of trouble, But Ill have fun doing so.
    So fer, Great, Super glean bike with low miles and stored in a garage or basement its entire life,
    Good maintenance and its even been waxed a couple times a year since new, The PO even would wipe the engine, Trans and all metal parts down with a light coat of oil before putting away for the winter, Yep, Just the right bike for me!
    Hope to meet up with some local TW guys this summer !
    Thanks all !! !
    Keep up the good work on the forum !
    Peter B
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    Nice looking bike and welcome to the forum. The TW is perfect for those times when you just want to slow down and enjoy the scenery and get deep into the back places if you can find them.
    2000 miles is just the break in point for these bikes so as long as it has been well maintained you should be good to go for many miles. Nice to see you found us and hope to see what gadgets you might fab up along the way. I am sure you will be welcomed to our nut house and there is tons of reading to be found here on all things TW.

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    Nice Peter and welcome!!
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    Welcome from NY!
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    Welcome, from SW Ohio.
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Nice find. Totally agree on bash guard! Let us know which one you go with. And welcome from the Heartland.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pred View Post
    .....The PO even would wipe the engine, Trans and all metal parts down with a light coat of oil before putting away for the winter, ....
    I hope he also drained the tank and the carb or found non Ethanol gas for winter. But even so, isn't it nice to buy a used bike from a maintenance fanatic?
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    Welcome and don't worry;
    We will help you spend your money as you farkle out your TW200. Ha!

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    tw5.jpgbuell1.jpgtw5.jpgbuell1.jpgWent exploring a track of land today for my first day out on the TW and I found this rather large land mover about a mile off the road, Theres been lots or erosion of earth all around it at this time,
    For being 42* out it was a nice day seeing how the TW dealt with swampy ground, Rocks and shale plus rutted paths,
    In other words,
    I had a great time,
    Yes the TW is a two wheel tractor with suspension ! ! !
    Here two pics,
    The Non TW is my Buell.
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