My bike is patient
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Thread: My bike is patient

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    Junior Member Olivia's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    Mount Airy, Maryland

    My bike is patient

    Hello, New person here. Just brought home a tw200. My stable was empty and now this is number 1. Up to the purchase I romanced many bikes and sat on quite a few. Wow, just so many fantastic rides out there. I chose my tw200. Then I googled it and hit this forum and wow - lovely home you have created here. So rich.

    In the last 24 hours -our first 24 hours of life together. I've managed to hit the start button when it's already started - a few times, hit the road with the gas petcock on off - didn't get far, forget the choke as I try and try and try to start.

    This afternoon I took it around some easy land and tried to go over a little log. I got the front wheel to conquer it but the back wheel wasn't having it. I just kicked it out from under the bike and vowed to learn and practice some skills. My first wheelie will be a monumental event. Great journey ahead.

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    Senior Member Smitty Blackstone's Avatar
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    I have been riding bikes for 45 years.
    I STILL leave the petcock off and try to start them with the kill switch off.

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    You will learn to bump over logs quickly! Wheelies, that might be a bigger challenge. If you are going to ride off road, you will probably want to look at a new front tire sooner rather than later. I think the Shinko 241 is the consensus "do it all" replacement (lot's of info available in the forums on those choices). Have fun, be safe!

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    Welcome from Maryland


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    Senior Member Michael Bryce Winnick's Avatar
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    Welcome. We are all used to driving down the road before we turn the gas on. To keep others mindful of the importance of checking your petcock, whenever your riding buddies get off their bikes and go into the store for something, shut their gas off while they are inside.

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    My favorite trick is to hit the starter button instead of the horn in a panic situation. That whirring sound really gets their attention! Welcome to the forum.
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    Junior Member Olivia's Avatar
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    Thanks for the Welcomes.

    Now I am reading the manual. So far this has me running out to the bike trying to locate and discover the luggage strap holders. It took a lot of staring, but I think I've found them.

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    Welcome aboard Olivia!
    The TW is a great learner bike and even rewarding in practiced hands...just stay after it!
    "Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death."
    - Hunter S. Thompson

    “It’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow”.

    "The less horsepower a motorcycle has, the more it can teach you.” - Ben Bostrom

    And though a mountain may rise up and smack the livin' shit outta me,
    and wad up my bike somethin' awful...
    Still, I rise!
    (With apologies to Maya Angelou)

    "Give a Damn"
    - C. M. Howe, Jr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivia View Post
    My first wheelie will be a monumental event.
    Yes it will............ Congrats on the TW
    Go like hell, You'll get there quicker!

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    Here is the trick to getting both wheels over a log: You have to approach the log with enough momentum and power so that you can not only loft the front over the log, but aggressively put a lot of weight on the bars at the precise instant the front wheel contacts the ground. Most of the time the rear wheel will bump over. Just after you loft the front over, reduce the throttle slightly so the rear doesn't spin too much. The right speed is the real key. I would try hitting a smaller log at mid range in first, then work up to larger logs. The TW can climb over a 15 inch log if done exactly right. I've never managed more than about 10 inches. And I DON'T do wheelies on the TW...but then I'm 67, so acrobatics are not authorized any more.
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    2018 TW200
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