Kentucky residents that would like to buy TW200 out of state.
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Thread: Kentucky residents that would like to buy TW200 out of state.

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    Kentucky residents that would like to buy TW200 out of state.

    Like many of you I have looked hi and low for a Used TW200. Many have been out of state ( Kentucky my state). First off you must follow the States ( the seller is in) regulations for transfer of title. For residents of Kentucky must also have a form TC96-182 from your local county clerk office. Fill this out form (ask the office to explne in detail how to do this) It must be Notarize at the time of sale. This may sound easy, but I think not. Try to find a Notary on a Statuary or Sunday.

    Example : I am from Kentucky I am going to Columbus Ohio to buy a TW200. I have a blank TC96-182 form with me. I purchase the 2005 TW200 for $ 1800. I have the seller fill out the title paper, then I fill out the buyer section of the title, then it is Notarize. Now comes the Kentucky form TC96-182, the seller fills in the blanks PRICE, MAKE MOD,YEAR VIN # Name address then signs. The buyer then fill in his or hers NAME, ADDRESS DOB SSN and signs
    Then the NOTARY seals and signs his or hers name and information.

    Now this form my look simple, but it took him 10 minutes to explain it to me. He did admit to me that it was made for the county clerks not for the general public.

    I hope this helps.
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    Yes but it was well worth it,
    Did you get the bike?
    Please post a pic,
    I just got one from NJ and they guy handed me the title after he printed and signed and I was off,
    Some states are even easier,

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    This was only a example. After talking to people from Ohio, Tenn, Va, WV, I became aware that Kentucky has some strict laws about transferring titles. This not only apply to motorcycles, but autos,trailer,boats and ATV.

    I have found a 1998 Tw200 and should pick it up Thursday.
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    I would have no issue with filling out the form with one major exception, you won't get my SSN EVER! Federal law clearly states "Not to be used for identity purposes" yet many states still require it. I would use President Obama's number on the form and bet they will never check it.

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    I've been through the process of buying from Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and other states.
    It can be a problem with these off road bikes because some states do not have "titles" they have MSO's and other things
    they allow. This makes for a horrible cross over when buying across lines.

    The freedom of living in America though and thankful for it.
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