Nice little internet article
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Thread: Nice little internet article

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    Nice little internet article

    I came across this while browsing for Yamaha Big Wheel stuff.

    Bikes You Should Know: Yamaha TW200*|*Hooniverse

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    An excellent article!

    My favorite quotes:

    "But what really happened is that riders who started out on a Trailway held onto them after they gained confidence and experience because they were just so damn much fun to ride. Other riders who had long since moved from trail bikes up to big, fire-breathing road rockets found out that the TW200 recaptured the simple fun that had drawn them to motorcycles in the first place.

    The TW200 proves speed is not the be-all, end-all of motorcycle fun. The motor has a reputation for being a bit of a dog, but it’s a friendly dog, and certainly nowhere near as anemic as other cult favorites such as the Trail 90 or Ruckus. The suspension, with about 6 inches of travel front and rear, is a good compromise between trail comfort and street handling, while providing a seat height that accommodates shorter riders. It is fantastic on the road, if you don’t try to go too fast. It is fantastic in the dirt, if you don’t try to go too fast. It’s cheap to buy, gets fantastic fuel economy, and will run nearly forever with only the most basic of maintenance.

    There is probably not another motorcycle I could recommend to more people. Tall or short, novice or experienced, timid or bad-ass: The TW200 is the intersection where all of them can meet, ride together, and have a hell of a lot of fun."

    Thanks for posting it


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    Thanks for sharing that article!

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    thanks.....go Tdub go
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    Did you write that, Twilight?

    Most of the crap you read is just fluff and has great inaccuracies. Finally nice to read something with some truth and detail.

    Thank you for sharing.


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    "a bit of a dog, but a friendly dog"......I like that!
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