Cambuckle versus Ratchet Straps
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Thread: Cambuckle versus Ratchet Straps

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    Cambuckle versus Ratchet Straps

    Through the years I've used a variety of tie-down ratchet straps to hold my bikes in place, coupled with the occasional simple cambuckle to keep the back from bouncing. One thing I always hated was trying to break those ratchets free once I was ready to get the bike loose. Even the expensive ones seem to lock on and not let go, no matter how much I pull the trigger or how far open I've got the ratchet itself. I've come to hate them with a passion.

    Once in a while on the road I'll see someone who uses cambuckles exclusively to secure their bikes and thought it looked risky.

    Anyone else prefer the Cambuckle over the Ratchet Strap? Are cams, indeed, just as good, if not better than a ratchet system? Pros and Cons?

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    I use a pair of the 3" Wide Green ones from harbor fright. They are sold in pairs. They grab nice and strong.
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    I use both! That is whenever I'm going on a 500 to 1000 mile trip at freeway speeds. For an hour enroute to some local ride, just cambuckles. One thing about the cambuckle is that if you always tighten it to the same spot it will eventually roughen to the point of being difficult loosen to remove. I replaced mine for that reason after four years. I never had them slip, and I think they are just as strong. I use a bit of old towel or sweatshirt under the straps where they contact so dust and sand can't turn them into sandpaper. For the ratchets I use a couple of loops of strap to mimic the strap/hook of the cambuckles like the orange ones in your pic. After around 30,000 miles of trailering or with the TW on the hitch carrier I have very little wear on the bars or the Cyclerack (which I only use 1" cambuckles on for the rear tire).

    I agree that the ratchets can be hard to release and they can also bite you if your hand is in the wrong position. One thing that helps is not to tighten them too much, no more than a bit more than halfway from static to fully compressed, which is better for the shocks anyway. I think of the cambuckles as back up if one of the ratchets lets go. I do a couple of thousand mile trips a year at 70-80 mph....I'd rather be extra certain. If the bikes are inside the trailer, I use the only the ratchets because it is very hard to pull the cambuckles tight enough when you are lying on top of the bikes.
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    I have both and use both. first tie downs I ever bought were cam buckle type. Now I have more ratchet strap. prob the best thing is to get the extra loops for attaching.
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    Thanks guys! I appreciate all the 'real world' advice.
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    I use the ratchets all the time for all sorts of loads. Hard to beat for getting things tight. If you play with them enough it gets easier to back them down for removal, and its worth it for the security.
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    My experience towing toys during a decade at Polaris Ind. (which required me to have a CDL) : GET GOOD, HEAVY DUTY RATCHET STRAPS!!!!

    Something very bad could go wrong on the road and if you have Walmart 3,000lbs straps, well - expect the worst.

    There is no such thing as too much strap when it comes to securing your load and safety.

    We used something like these, because the price was right and they have 10,000lbs load rating: (only $13 a strap - cheap, buy 5! )

    SmartStraps Double J-Hook Ratchet Tie-Down – 27ft. x 2in., 10,000-Lb. Capacity, Model# 262 | Ratchet Tie-Down Straps| Northern Tool + Equipment

    Good Luck!

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    Rope if you know how to PROPERLY tie knots and know which knots to use and what kind of rope to use.
    Nothing is as versatile as rope, and nothing is as secure as rope properly used.
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    i dont like to rely on the ratchet ...i take the tail and feed it through the eye and tie back on straps . the rachet cant come loose nomatter what.....

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    I have used both and prefer the cam. I also tie the loose end in a slip knot up against the cam.
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