88 tw200
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Thread: 88 tw200

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    Junior Member Tripp99's Avatar
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    May 2016

    88 tw200

    New to riding and I'm leaning heavily on getting a TW200 as my first bike. I really like everything I've read about them. Seems like a perfect bike for me to learn on and seems to be fitting for what I intend on using it for which would be commuting to work (17 mile drive) which doesn't require me to take highways. I'm also planning to take it off road but nothing too crazy. If I had to guess I'll be riding it 70/30 road/off road.

    Where I live it's very hard to come across any kind of used dual sport bike and I really don't want to have to resort to buying new, especially with this being my first motorcycle. I've found an 88 TW200 on CL with 2169 miles on it. Cosmetically the bike looks great and from the description it's been well kept in a garage all this time. I've talked to the seller and he tells me everything is pretty much stock and that the bikes runs well. He's asking for about $1600 for it which doesn't sound bad but what concerns me is it IS an older bike so I'm sure some things on it would need replacing or tuning up. Another thing I'm curious about is should I be concerned with it having front and rear drum brakes unlike the newer models that have a front disc brake and rear drum brake?

    Unfortunately I'm not able to just go look at the bike for myself and test it out bc it's three hours away :/ so any help or advice would be much appreciated.
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    Senior Member pred's Avatar
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    Its good for what you want but if youre not handy you might want to pass,
    It needs two new tires and tubes immediately,
    From being this age, The seals may start to weep.
    I think its a good price and you may want to snatch it up as long as it starts and runs as it should,
    Read about oil filters five times before you work on changing the oil and filter.
    Peter B
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    Senior Member Devils Advocate's Avatar
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    Yooper, MI
    Welcome to the club Tripp, Sounds like it may be an OK deal. As mentioned it might need a little TLC but we can help you with that here.

    Where are you from?
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    Senior Member T-Dub Ken's Avatar
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    Yep, very old to start with unless you can work on it.
    For that much cash you'll put another 1K into it with parts and such and more if you hire a mechanic,
    If you are buying your first bike and can do so buy new with a warranty or at least so new it's nearly new like one with 100 miles
    and only a couple years old.
    I've had four TW's and my latest is a new 2013 bought last fall with only 65 miles on it. Bought new by the first owner a few months
    prior it had sat on a dealers floor for two full years.
    I'd say wait and buy with disk brake and the upgrades to the carberator but that's just me.
    Try to keep the investment to 3K if possible.
    They are slow to start out in first gear, very user friendly and lovable.
    You'll love it.
    Send photos of what you buy.

    You'll not find a better forum for any motorcycle than this one so stay close to these guys they are very helpful and a lot of fun.

    No testosterone here like on the HD sites. I know, I'm a Harley rider too! LOL
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    Junior Member Whoopygoldberg's Avatar
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    i just bought a 1988 tw200 with 1,800 original miles and i love it. Rebuilt the carburetor, installed a new air filter and spark plug and it runs cherry. just need to buy a new battery for electric start.
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    Senior Member TW-Brian's Avatar
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    Hi Tripp,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I think that a TW would be a great bike for you to start with and it would be perfect for your described needs. I would not be too worried about either the age or the brakes on the '88 that you are considering. If it is in good condition, then the asking price is not unreasonable, but I would definitely try to negotiate the price down since you will probably want to replace the tires if they have not been replaced recently.

    Three hours is a long way to go to look at a bike. Where are you located? Perhaps one of us is nearby and could take a look at the bike for you? (But then if it is a sweet deal, you would have to worry about someone sniping it out from under you !).


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    Junior Member Tripp99's Avatar
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    May 2016
    Thanks for the quick and helpful responses!

    I'm from Tupelo, MS and the bike is located in Jackson MS. Here's a link to the listing if anyone cares to take a look Yamaha TW200 dual sport

    As far as fixing up the bike myself I'm not against it! I think it would be good to learn. However I have zero experience with working on motorcycles or cars for that matter haha. From what I've read on these bikes though they're not too bad to work on depending on what needs fixing.

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    Senior Member TW-Brian's Avatar
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    That's a nice old TW but I believe that it is a 1987 model year, not a 1988 (although it does appear to have newer style turn signals).

    1987 was the first year for the TW. Some forum members believe that it is the fastest year ! The electrical system is unique to just this one model year and some have reported that it is more prone to failure than newer models.

    Last edited by TW-Brian; 05-06-2016 at 02:27 PM. Reason: Fixed typo
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    "new stator" rings alarm bells .....
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    If it needed a new stator after only some twenty six hundred miles that is odd. However since the stator seems to be the expensive oft-failed element we hear about for the '87 model year maybe the bike would be good to go for many a thousand of more miles with the new replacement. Buyer is likely "locked" into stock AC headlight and other things unique to the 1987 model year, no easy LED headlight replacement. Certainly some dynometer tests have shown a marginally fatter torque and horsepower curves for the '87 TW so there is a potential performance advantage.
    The add does show a low mileage well cared for bike. I prefer a disc brake but others say the drum is just as good. Thus I cannot give a strongly felt bias one way or another as to "Buy" or "Don't buy". But if the bike does follow Trip home to Tupelo there will be lots of good advice and help here from fellow '87 owners.
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