oem kicker kit
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Thread: oem kicker kit

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    oem kicker kit

    what is the chance someone has a kick starter kit that they don't want to use..I know I am late for the party

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    Howzit going cccan,

    You can try our own member PlacerLode. I believe he puts together/ has kits available. If you don't mind doing the footwork, you could also order the individual parts from boats.net, using the provided TW200 parts list that's on this site. I did exactly just that on two separate kickers. However, be forewarned that you may have to wait on 2 or 3 items. When I ordered the first set of parts in the beginning of March3rd 2016, they were out of the crank axle, idle gear & the TW kick assembly. Two weeks later they sent all the in stock parts along with the kick assembly. Middle of April, the idle gear & kick axle was sent/received.

    Placed another exact order for our other Tdub, later part of April. Was surprised that they had everything this time ,except for the kick axle. Guess they smarten up and brought in some extra of the harder to get pieces? Just received the kick axle yesterday(thurs), so now have two complete kits. Total for each parts list, including shipping to Hawaii was $262.93(parts $237.98 + $24.95 USPS)

    As they say, time is money and if you don't have the patience to wait , etc., contact PlacerLode or maybe someone else might chime in here. Best of luck on improving your Dub, keep the faith! ....aloha!
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    Hi cccan! One of the forum members is working with another to test & make available kick starter kits at a very reasonable price! Here is the link:


    The long story short, SpudRider was able to use a kick starter from a near copy (Chinese) of a tw engine & successfully install it into a tw200 engine. TWBrian is waiting on parts to further in this research, & to enable the assembling and to help make available these kits to those who need them.
    These chinese parts look to be of high quality, so should be no worries there.

    If you can track down an oem Yamaha kit it's going to run well over $200 bucks most likely. You may want to wait a bit & see what develops with TWBrians endeavor. m.
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