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Thread: Important Forum Announcement Tomorrow

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    Question Important Forum Announcement Tomorrow

    Tuesday May 10th

    Just thought I would throw this out there now...

    Tomorrow there will be some forum changes. This is what I have been told. I know of none of the details, so please don't ask.

    This is just a "heads up" so that no one will be freaked out if they think the forum is about to be different in some way.

    Please do not run out and try to contact owners, staff etc. We will all know tomorrow what this is all about.

    I do not know what time this will be announced. I have to be away myself a little bit in the afternoon, so am telling you now, so that if the announcement comes when I have to be away, you will already know.

    It is nothing major and will not affect the way the forum runs as far as I know and understand at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twilight View Post
    i already know. littletommy is "waiting".....until post his 10,000th post on this forum.

    Sorry, cat is out of the bag, simply because i can read, and do the math.....9,999 posts + 1 post = 10,000 posts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post
    I already know. LittleTommy is "waiting".....until post his 10,000th post on this forum.

    Sorry, cat is out of the bag, simply because I can read, and do the math.....9,999 posts + 1 post = 10,000 posts.
    Know how ya feel Twilight...I'm right.. but still wrong most of the time to..
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    If my daughter at a young age were here she would say, "If there are changes there will be" and if they do they will.
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    Is this going to be like Y2K were we think our life will change drastically yet nothing happens?????

    Does Tommy get crowned Super Duper Moderator?

    Well it technically is tomorrow and nothing has happened.....feeling deflated now. Giggle

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    ....or perhaps, the super duper gods will suspend LT's account, until we all can catch up!

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    HMMM - did the changes happen yet?
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    Nope – we’re all still waiting – waiting for that moment that LT clicks over the 10,000 posts, (he’s still hanging on in there)

    Maybe they’ve figured out some kind of “millennium bug” where if you go over 9999 posts, your post count re-sets to zero

    Now that would be funny …..
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    I am quaking with anticipation.... it must be coming soon.....
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