VIN Checking
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Thread: VIN Checking

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    VIN Checking

    We all have probably bought bikes from swap meets and such.
    Sometimes the feeling of getting "the bike" is, at the time, more important than correct paperwork.
    In my travels, paperwork is rarely existant, save for the hastily scrawled bill of sale on the back of a business card... (Don't laugh, happens all the time, works in NYS too)

    There are various methods of attaining title, and they all work quite well. The only issue is... VIN Checking.

    Does any one have a reliable way to check an old VIN to make sure it isn't stolen?
    Anyone with NICB access?

    I won't mind turning in any stolen frame, just do not want to be "The Guy" that broke the "standard" method of registering/plating, that's all.
    Would hate to send in all the paperwork for a bike I bought from a swap meet or craigslist, just to find out that the DMV says it is stolen and rethinks its methods.

    I have a couple of bikes to run through. Want a clear head about this and don't want the feds at my door because of some 50cc moped.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    nope...I am doing 2 right now. it's a crap shoot. my first one passed and I now have papers and I'm waiting for the second

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    In Calif anyway you can do an "cost to register" estimate online. If it's not in the system
    then your good to go. If it is, then they will tell you and say xxx$ to register and transfer title.
    Sometimes you get the "in process of transferring" which means someone started to register it
    and stopped. Often as they found it was gonna cost bucks and stopped. Those are to be avoided.
    Takes 7 years to get dropped from system unless stolen, then it stays live indefinitely.
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    Hard to Get Through

    Quote Originally Posted by Bmgm37 View Post
    I got this link to work twice out of many tries. They seem to have server difficulties. I'd not have thought posting this on our little forum would crash their server, but maybe we're more powerful than I thought!

    If one does get through to the site, it just tells if the vehicle in question is on the list of stolen or totalled vehicles, nothing more. There's a link on there to another site called CycleVIN that gives year, make and model and offers a bunch more info for $25, which might be worth it in certain situations.
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