Fork Seal Savers
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    Hey everybody!

    Have a 1992 Tdub and I'm starting to mod it for a little more of an street look.

    Trying to make it more modern by ditching the rubber fork boots and installing a fork seal saver.

    I've attached a photo

    I've found them here.

    Fork Seal Saver

    But there are many sizes. I wanted to get your guy's opinion on them and guess as to what size would work.

    Or better yet if anyone has any experience with these or know of a different brand? I'm going for as low pro as I can get.

    These are the shortest ones I can find so far.

    Thanks advice would be welcome!


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    Fork booties work much better at protecting your seals.


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    I assume your talking about the standard fork boots they come with?

    If your talking about a different product I've love to see a link to it.

    Without a doubt stock boots protect best. I know this.

    Buf if your talking about the stock boot the style is too oldskool. I understand it's better to fully protect them. I understand 90% of the people on this website would not change the boots. But there is a personality difference in people who drive minivans over cars the mod the hell out of. If functionality was the only thing that mattered then there would be no cool cars/bikes anywhere.

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