Crashed my TW for the first time today...
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Thread: Crashed my TW for the first time today...

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    Crashed my TW for the first time today...

    The word crashed can be used in many different ways. Basically I was going up and down a dune today here in Las Vegas, NV and the back tire decided it wanted to be on the front of the bike. I guess it got tired of always bringing up the rear. So halfway up the dune she got wobbly and sent me down to the ground. Best news is that I ended up with only a bent gear lever. So ten bucks but I could still drive her home. Even stayed out for another 30 minutes. Reason for my post...wear the proper gear. Was wearing my Alpine Star boots and they saved me. Bike was laying on my foot and I couldn't even tell. I almost wore my work boots since I was only going out for a little. Glad a changed my mind. Other than a sore elbow and pinky I'm ready to go back out tomorrow. Ride safe all. Anything can happen even if you have ridden the same dune 150 times before. Cheers.
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    Good for you wearing your gear!!!
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    Glad you did not get hurt! Happy riding!

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    Thanks for the good reminder about appropriate gear! What Alpinestars boots do you have? I've been considering getting a pair of Corozals.
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    John in Nanaimo

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    If you have the stock shifter, it can be bent back to almost new with a vise and an adjustable wrench....many times!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    Yeah, work boots just aren't tall enough at yesterday.

    Do believe those chew marks were from my fancy MSR footpegs
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    Those are some really REALLY ugly legs there Fred, even with out the scabs.
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    What legs ?.....all I can see is blinding white light

    Glad to hear it was not one of the other kind of crash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvesus View Post
    Thanks for the good reminder about appropriate gear! What Alpinestars boots do you have? I've been considering getting a pair of Corozals.
    Currently wearing Alpine Star Tech 8 boots. The bootie inserts work like a champ.

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    I laid my bike down yesterday too, some slick mud hidden under the now jungle like flora in the woods. It was just a quick ride, mostly on the street, but I threw on my padded shorts, elbow gaurds and light chest protector (gloves,long shirt and pants,helmet and work boots is my automatic minimum). I literally hit everywhere I had protection. Did it save my life? No, I was going 5mph. It did save me bruises and pain at least. I did not have my mc boots on, which in hindsight was a mistake that didn't cost me.....this time.

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