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    I have been looking for a kick lever and this one popped today.

    It doesnt look like a tw kick lever. Has anyone seen one like this? I'm skeptical this is the original and maybe some aftermarket that the owner added.


    Also - Its only $7 less than Ron Ayers new one if anyone is thinking of jumping on this. I would go new.
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    TW kick starter pivots at the mount/shaft area not up where your foot goes. Not to say this one would not work, but it is not OEM.

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    It won't work. The pivot boss (where it connects to the shaft coming out of case on the engine) isn't long enough to allow the lever to clearance over the bolt heads, etc. on the frame. A BW200 kicker is the same as the TW's so keep an eye out for one of them. Don't believe that's a TW kicker in the ebay listing.
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