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    Can anybody please inform me as to what I can do to make the signal light work on right hand turns.

    It works fine on the left,which is important but to comply with state laws the right should work as well.

    Please help me

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    When you say "signal light" do you mean the little light that blinks next to the speedo when your turn signals are on, or do you mean your actual left side blinkers light(s) don't work?

    Bike year?

    Stock Indicator Bulb?

    Stock Turn Signal Bulbs?

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    I have the same problem..neither one wants to flash..front right/rear right work and stay lit till i turn it off. front left doesnt come on at all, rear left comes on.
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    The stock flasher unit requires the load from both bulbs in order to flash properly. If one bulb on one side is not lit then you either have a broken filament in the unlit bulb, or loose connections.

    If both bulbs are lit on one side but are not flashing odds are that your flasher unit itself is faulty.

    Some aftermarket incandescent "mini" signals don't draw enough to operate the flasher, so if you've installed munchkin signals or L.E.D. signals you'll need an electronic flasher.

    An electronic flasher will work for all types and sizes of bulbs, but the stock type flasher only works properly with the load of two 1156 or 1157 bulbs.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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