Off Road Performance of Bridgestone 203/204 Tires?
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    I suspect that the majority of my miles will be paved but I still can't resist exploring trails when the opportunity presents it's self. I see a lot of TW pics on the net wearing these tires in off road locations. Since my 2008 still has the factory knobbys and is the only TDub I've ridden to date I would like to hear from those of you that have actually had a set of 203/204's off road and what their performance was in dirt, sand, mud, gravel, rock, slime, climbing, descending, etc. Are there certain terrains that these are worthless and should just stay out of? I appreciate any experiences you all wish to share. Thx

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    They're kind of like exploring the trails on a GSX-R 750. Is it doable? Yes. Is it fun? Yes. However, it can be a bit of a struggle at times.

    Unless you're a true street aficionada, I would stick with the stock tires.

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    I had a friend who used to do a fair amount of off-roading with his CB-750K! I've also seen Longroof go through some nasty Tennessee clay mud with them. So if you have the skill getting past the nasty stuff is no problem even with the 203/204's.

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    My broken leg says they are for street use.


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    I've had to get off and push a 204 through stuff a 34 would roll through without spinning. I've also had several close calls and a couple dumps when a 203 washed out on stuff even a 31 would rail through, and the consistently 31 washed out on stuff a Shinko 244, Kenda K270, or IRC GP-1 would rail through. I did not find the 203/204 as easy to ride in sand, mud, or gravel, but they did okay on hardpack and slickrock. Yes, it is possible to go offroad with the 203/204 combo, there are just a lot of better front tires in the dirt.

    My 203 refuses to wear out. Almost 20,000 miles. The 204 wore out in about 10,000.

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