this wasn't the T'dub I was searching for
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    Browsing the web........... found a TW200

    Not What I was expecting
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    2007 T'dub

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    No doubt!!!!.

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    Maybe I'll trade laterally when my inner ear gets old.

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    Manufacturers Number: TW-200

    Utility Vehicle | Fuel Type : Gasoline | Engine Type : 4 cycle OHV | Horsepower : 9.0 HP | Starter Type : Keyed Ignition | Gas Tank Capacity : 1.6 gal. | Maximum Speed : 30-32 mph | Brake Type : Hydraulic Disc with Parking Brake

    LOOK ! Something with less horsepower, a smaller gas tank and slower too !

    Miracles never cease.


    (I'd like to see it climb out of that ravine my dumb a$$ got into last night!!)
    "The TW may be slow, but the Earth is patient" - MK

    "If I'm wrong, and it turns out that you hate it, I'll send you all my Barry Manilow albums." LB

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