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    Hello Everyone,

    New to the forum and just acquired a 2000 TW with 3700 kms. Just went through the bike and created a parts list that includes new chain, brake shoes, cable, oil filter/screen. Thanks to this forum, I found a service manual and owners manual which I did not get with the bike purchase. My question is about seafoam. I was thinking about running some through the crankcase before I change the oil as well as some through the gas tank. Is there any adverse affects to running it through the crankcase before I drain and change oil? Will it mess up the clutch properties? Also, what oil is recommended for the TW now. I know the manual says 20W -40. But when I went to a dealer to pick up parts, he said that Yamaha now recommends 20W-50. What is the prevailing opinion on the oil? I am in west central Canada and it can range from freaking cold to hot here.

    Any help for the new guy would be great. I also run a 2009 400 DRZs. Bought this bike for the girlfriend and her kids to ride. Hate to admit that the TW is more fun on the twisty trails. These bikes are seriously underrated!

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    Welcome to the forum. With only 3,700km on the bike, I wouldn't run ANY type of engine flush through it. If you are really concerned, change the oil, run it for 500km then change it again. Engine flush does just that so any debris in the system now gets run back through the engine. Even though the TWs have an oil filter, some of the normal debris in the engine will be run back through the engine and bearings. I run a GOOD 10-40, 4 stroke motorcycle oil. Unless it is REAL hot when you first start the bike for the day, 20/50 can be a little heavy. My $.02 worth

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