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    Jun 2011
    Hello TW owners!

    I officially became a TW owner just over 2 weeks ago...and so far it has been nothing short of amazing. I live in northern Quebec, Canada, which is in the sub-artic. The snow has just melted a couple weeks ago, and the trails are now finally open. I picked up my 2006 TW (blue) with just 500 kms on it, for 3800 CDN. I think it was a good deal considering it was in already in the town, and I didn't have to spend 500+ bucks to send it up on the train. I also picked up a TTR 125 for my wife for 2400, with less than 1 tank of gas burnt in it. We are having a blast!

    I have had the bike out almost everyday for the last two weeks, and it is the best purchase I have made yet. I love to fish and be out in the wilderness, and this bike has opened a whole new world to me, considering there is nothing but vast wilderness for hundreds of KM's in every direction. I love the way this bike tears over the tundra, even when I have to make my own trail.

    I will post some pics on here in the near future. For now, I just wanted to introduce myself, and just say hello.

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    Dothan, AL
    Great fun bikes! Just got mine last week cant stop smilling.

    Have fun. Wish I was up there, its 102 here and humid.
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    central eastern New Mexico
    Welcome to your new adventure in the TW world, 100 degrees nice and crispy no humidity

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    Jun 2011
    Lion's River, South Africa
    Welcomoe. Snap - am also a new TW owner of a fornight. Running chores has never been such fun. It's winter here in South Africa which means short days but no rain so perfect for motorcycling in the day.

    Am also planning to take some pics to share.



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    May 2011
    Bend, Oregon
    I got mine couple weeks ago and just started riding it last week. So far I have only put 175 miles on it and its great. Great to see other people joining such a great group around the same time. Hope you have as much fun as I have!

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    I too have bought a 2006 TW with 20 miles on it for 3100 CDN this year. Do yourself a favour and shim the carb needle. The 20 cent part and one hour of your time makes the bike start easy and the ability to ride off on a less than warm bike without any flat spot. Get the large rear rack that bolts to the frame and if you ride in the bush, get a rotopax fuel container and mount it on the rack. Change the oil often at first and don't skip on the filter. I have other road bikes but enjoy this one for commuting and exploring the mountains in the Fraser valley.

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    SW, Ohio
    I'm new also to the tw thing....June 10th....still getting use to the shifting and rpm ranges on this bike.

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    Greetings from New Jersey, where the weak are killed and eaten. I'm new to T-Dubs also, purchased mine less than a week ago from a nice young lady in Baltimore. I'm having a blast on it, but I'm jealous of all the open territory where you are, my friend! Enjoy!


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