cost of service (12000kms)
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    OK, so i am in australia so probably different but i was quoted AU$340-405 depending on valve clearances....this is for the 12000kms service, excluding parts

    and i know i should learn to do this myself andi will at some point but not an option right now!!

    how about you?

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    What's included?

    That seems like a huge amount, these are such simple bikes.

    Maybe try an independent shop if you are determined to have it done for you.

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    The valve adjust takes MAYBE 15-20 minutes. I would do an oil change, adjust the valves, clean the air filter. Check the drive chain... replace it if it is worn. I also can't see where they are getting so much $$$ to do that job. That money, EXCLUDING parts is a RAPE job.

    Buy the factory shop manual, about $70.00USD. Learn to do it yourself and save the big $$$.

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    The factory shop manual is available free online, in the tech forum as a sticky. I don't know the exchange rate or the motorcycle service industry in your location so I can't comment on the price. Here, it is significantly cheaper to buy the tools to do it yourself than to pay someone.

    16 items on the 11,000km maintenance schedule. Most are nothing more than checking operation and maybe a drop of oil.

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    $100-$200 should be top-dollar.

    Labour rates in Aus are usually $80-90 per hour (whilst the guy who works on your bike gets $15).

    Remember, in Sydney there are mobile motorcycle mechanics to look at too, who will service it where it's parked during the day (at work, for example). Won't take them long, she's a simple machine.

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