Cleaning stains on my white plastic
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    I frequently get dark stains on my white plastic panels that don't easily wash off. I mostly get them around the lower corner of my seat from water drips. I have been cleaning them with Goo Gone lately, and they wipe right off. I got a spray bottle of Goo Gone and wipe the plastics down with it before washing my motorcycle now, and it really works great at cleaning up the plastic panels. If you have some stubborn spots on your plastic, you may want to give it a try.

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    Tried the goo gone and works good on some of the discoloration for newer stains.

    When I purchased my 87 TW it was a fixxer and all the white plastic had a dull grey coating all over the surface. It was like a crusty layer of nasty discoloration where the plastic basically broke down. My solution was to take some steel wool to it. I first used a medium grade steel wool to remove the outer layer. I then went back over the total area with a finer grade of steel wool to smooth out the circular pattern of small scratches left behind. This final "buffing" smoothed the area back into a smooth bright white finish.

    I am unsure of how it would work on colored plastics. I found a product after I renewed my plastic that I would have bought before my DIY fix with the steel wool.

    This product looks pretty impressive and I included the link below. It is called PC Racing Plastic Renew.

    If anyone gives this product a try please post a review so we can know if it really works or not.

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