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    Ok guys here is the situation..I already have 2 bikes a Vstrom and a 96 Yamaha Virago 1100,

    I have spent 2hours searching post and dont feel sure I have an answer. My wife is wanting to learn to ride, she did the M/C saftey course on a honda height 27"..she is 5' tall and just bearly touches ground.

    She wants a bike to practice on....I dont want to get her a rebel...if she quits wanting to ride I am stuck with a bike she has probably dropped, and one I dont want to ride,

    From the moment I saw a TW220 I fell in love. I am thinking if I get her a Tw200 and she quits riding...Guess who ends up with a TW200.

    I know about drilling the hole in the shock mount, BUT is there any way to get a TW200 ...4"s lower?

    Help guys..I really dont want a rebel...

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    Buy her 4" higher heels...

    Problem solved!
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    Remember, 3/16" at the shock equates to roughly an inch at the axle, whether lowering or lifting.

    Don't get overzealous with it.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    I would definitly convince her to go with the TW200 as a starter bike to practice on. I'm only 5'2" and looking for a bike for me was a challenge as well. I can touch the ground with my toes only with the TW200. I actually started practicing on the TW200 for about a year with a permit before I took the MSF course. Now I have the Vulcan 500 also but won't give up my TW200. I love both bikes for different reasons.

    I suggest you read the theard called that is being posted by MrGizmow which is a collorbation of several members.

    I wish you luck and happy riding!
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    If memory serves, someone posted that a spring of a Yamaha cruiser fits the stock shock and is softer, which will allow the bike to settle more when she sits on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty View Post
    If memory serves, someone posted that a spring of a Yamaha cruiser fits the stock shock and is softer, which will allow the bike to settle more when she sits on it.

    If I remember correctly that would be the V-Star spring, but I could be wrong. It is probably in Gerry's thread posted above though.
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