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    i just got a new DG o-series exhaust for the tw200. as far as looks goes it actually looks pretty cool. shinny chrome pipe from header to muffler. it seemed to mount up pretty good. i only had to get all the bolts started and then tighten them all down. BUT,always a snag somewhere. i bought the DG from dennis kirk. and they dont supply a exhaust clamp used where the header meets the mid pipe section. i was not able to use the stock clamp because it was too big. the stock exhaust has packing to make it fatter. plus on my model the clamp was spot welded to the muffler. SO, a trusty hose clamp is working for now.i was surprised how snug the stock header slid into the DG mid pipe. for the most part it was a easy install which only took about 30 mins. THE DG O-SERIES EXHAUST WILL MAKE YOUR TW200 GET MUCH LOUDER! sound increase was awesome and i really love the loud but yet deep tone. it really sounds like it comes to life between 50-55 mph. as far as any power increase not much. gained a small amout of low end punch, lost a bit of mid range power, and a very slight gain on top end. i did notice a consistant increase of top speed, 67 up to 73 mph with stock gearing. all in all im very pleased with the product i paid $179 for. i will soon post pics after i resize them.

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    Hardware stores have "U" clamps in a lot of diameters. Same priciple as an automotive muffler clamp, just smaller.

    I'd go get one and install it at least temporarily until a suitable worm drive clamp can be had. If that joint leaks you'll run lean and hole a piston.

    Read the jetting threads and get yours right ASAP.

    You can cut an aluminum can into a strip to use as a shim around your header pipe if there's any slop. Watch for soot where the header joins the pipe and shim it if you see any.

    Also, a little NevrSieze or good ol' Phillip's Milk of Magnesia around the headpipe before you insert it into the muffler tends to msake future removal a bit easier. The metal-to-metal connection tends to get locked together over time, unlike the stock pipe's mica gasket.

    Rumor has it the Phillips makes it flow more freely

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    I have one, no clamp needed, its a Slip-on, I was suprised as well, but haven't had problem yet and no sound or exhaust gas/carbon fron the joint either

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