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    My beef!

    Ok, I got my M1 on June 20th, so that leaves me 90 days with an M1. You can't go for a M2 DriveTest Centre road test until after 60 days. So that leaves 30 days to try and book a road test. The problem here is they didn't tell me that I should have booked my road test when got my M1. Because they told me that there's only available opening (Sept. 16th) and that's 2 days before my M1 expires. Soooo... if I fail the road test (which is unlikely, but stranger things have happened) I won't be able to do another road test since my m1 expires on Sept. 18th. WTF?????

    The options I now have are:

    1. Go to another DriveTest Centre that's why out of my area (Ajax)

    2. Go to a DriveTest Centre that's close (Oshawa) and wait there hoping someone will cancel or not show up

    3. Do the Durham College M2 Course

    Anyone else know of other options?

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    Move to another country?

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    Is the Durham course like the M.S.F. course? If so take it! At least here in the states if you pass you get your permit. Also some insurance company's give better rates.

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