Purchase a 87' TW200??????
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    Hey guy, as you can see I am new to this forum and also new to motorcycles. I have come across a 1987 TW 200 for 350$ I was told that the bike ran two years ago and has sat since. He wants to get the bike out of storage quickly. I was also told that the kick starter will not return to it's starting position because it needs a spring. He said that it will probably need a carb clean and for the gas tank to be drained and cleaned as well. He said the bike has great compression but again has been sitting for 2 years. My questions are: Is this a good bike for me to try and fix up? Just based on what the seller is saying, what do you think the cost would be to get the bike running again? Are there some good questions to ask this guy? Is there anything that you guys would look at first that would detour you from buying the bike? Any help would be great!! I have read tons of stuff from this forum and I am getting excited about possibly fixing this bike up and riding all over hell and back!! Any suggestions??? Thank you for your time! Smitty

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    For $350 it's a good bike to learn how to wrench on. Grab it and run, that's a deal. Start cleaning the fuel system first, tank and carb.

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