New 2012 TDup I Pick up tomorrow rear rack question
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    Hellow all new to the site I pick up my mid life crisis TW tomorrow. Can't wait been wanting one since high school. One neat thing I bought the bike on 8/19/11 and it was made on 8/11/11. Pretty cool. One quick question. Do you guys like the Yamaha rear rack. Thinking of picking nor up tommorow with the bike.

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    I have a stock rack on the back of my 2010 and I think it's fine for around town use. If you are camping and the rest of that, you'll want to go with something bigger like a Cycleracks
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    One word


    Are you sure you don't mean 8/11/10 not sure they can manufacture and ship in 8 days from Japan.
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    Thanks I'll take a look at the cycle rack

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    Whether the oem rack will serve you depends on how much weight you will put on it relative to the weight placed on saddlebags. I have an oem rack and try to put all major weight in the saddlebags with the top rack carrying things like firstaid kit, sleeping bags, pads, etc. and heavier things like tents going slightly forward on the seat which is supported by the main frame (not the frame extension). The supports I built for the saddlebags merely keep the bags away from the muffler, wheel, chain etc. and they attach on the main frame and the pax footpegs, not that flimsy frame extension that the oem rack attaches to. In brief you don't need a cyclerack, but they are nice. Use what you can afford and tolerate. Tom
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    I have the factory rack. So far I have only used it for lighter items and it works good for that. It is also handy to give you something to grab onto if you are moving the bike around or your friends are trying to help you out of a bad spot.
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