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    I mentioned in another thread that we are moving from the mainland to the Big Island of Hawaii--on Sept 5th, and that I am trying to decide which smaller dual sport to buy. Very much in the running are the TW200, XT250, DR200, and CRL230F. Today I went to a nearby dealer that sells Suzuki, Honda, and Yamaha. It gave me a chance to look at and sit on a TW, CRL230F, and a DR200 (they were out of the bXT250). The DR and TW both have rear drum brakes, while the Honda has a reaqr disk brake. None of these three felt to small physically to me at 5'9" and 176.

    I noticed one thing about the TW200 that I didn't realize. I don't know what Yamaha calls the rear suspension setup on the TW, but I noticed that it is "linkless". was looking to see which bikes have grease fittings for the shock linkages when I saw the setup on the TW. Many would consider a linkless rear shock as a bad thing, as it's a step backwards. I consider this a plus. Linkage type rear suspension has bushings and/or bearings that often don't have grease fittings to lube them. Then they require periodic dissasembly to lube and check for wear etc.

    Then I was looking through the writeup on where a TW200 owner from my home state took his TW and hooked up a neat one wheel trailer on it and took off for a long cross country tour on it. I'm sure he's a member here too. He considers the TW to be bulletproof. Seems like quite a bike.

    Seems like I might have to haul some extra gas though, as the island doesn't have gas stations on every corner.


    Keaau, Hawaii

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    In the case of the TW, the linkless suspension is to keep the bike less expensive. In my mind, it's a bonus for the reasons you mentioned.

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    Bigger thanks are available for the TW.

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    Bigger thanks, from who. I guess qwerty hit an h while firing from the hip!

    Thanks be to TDub.


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