New Rider 2007 TW200 with Pics!
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    Hello TW200 Owners!

    I took the BRC a few weeks ago and I just got my first bike. So I will stop lurking. I got a 2007 with 450 miles for a great price! Here are a few pictures of me and the bike, I had a mattress tied around me but my wife made me take it off.

    Enough of me. I really LOVE this guy's bike!!! Is this fella on this forum?

    For my bike I want to take off the plastic, paint the tank, paint and chop the fender, get a round headlight. I have already ordered the Bridgestone tires with the street tread (I've read mixed reviews about them). I will accept any insight about any of this.

    Thank you for this great forum!


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    That is Catamount's bike. You can find his build thread HERE.

    Welcome to the site.
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    Glad to see another satisfied owner! This is a very useful forum, you will enjoy it. How about your helmet? What kind is it and hows it working for you? I'm thinking about a new one myself.

    regards, mac
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    triple horns w/relay, big pegs, folding shifter, tuned carb w/drilled slide, 15/50 w/D.I.D. O-ring, RedLine 20w/50, Sterns w/extra padding, extra LED brake light, xt225 brake arm, rear Cycle Racks w/hacked milk crate. Hidden Content

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    Thank you guys!!

    @sorethumb - Thank you for the link, and your build is a great read. I am looking forward to updates!

    @Turtle Chaser - I like my helmet a lot, it is a AGV AX-8 DS. I took the visor off and got a smoked shield. It is really light and has a great field of view (compared to the two other helmets I put on). Plus I look like a stormtrooper, so that gives me bonus points I think.

    product overview

    Thank you again,


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