I've been pricing out a bunch of oem parts just doing the cheezy google way and going through the first couple dozen results. It seemed boats.net was one of the more common ones to list the parts with decent shipping options (for me atleast). During the checkout phase the little banner popped up for 15% off their sister site, powersportsplus.com. Sure enough, the sister site has all the stuff I wanted. I ended up tacking on the oem valve tool, a DID o-ring chain, and front/rear sprockets since for me it makes more sense from the shipping standpoint (being Canadian). Some things caught me offguard, for example the float needle set was 1/4 the price of my local dealer. With the 15% off it seems a bit better yet.

For those who watch prices closely, please let others know if this is good/bad. I tend to compare with ronayers and bikebandit mostly and it seems fairly close. I'm not sure how their customer service is but I imagine someone else can chime in.