Cycle Gear vs Shinko "Golden Boy"
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    I stopped in my local Cycle Gear store and ordered a Shinko SR244 "Golden Boy" tire for the front wheel of my TW. They said they would give me a call when it came in in about 2-3 days. After about two weeks of not hearing anything, I called them and was told that it was backordered and they could not give me an expected delivery date. When I asked why I wasn't informed of this sooner, they said that I should have been called. Oh well, I canceled that order and bought a tire on ebay and saved a few dollars.

    I didn't feel like wrestling the new tire on myself so I carted my wheel and tire back to Cycle Gear. Since I didn't purchase the tire from them (even though I tried to!), they said it would cost $30.00 for mounting. They also said that I would have to purchase a new tube. I explained that the existing tube only had about 1,100 miles and had never been patched. They said that it was a DOT requirement. I asked if they could show me the regulation. They then said that it was company policy. I asked if I could see a copy of this policy. They then said that it was a store policy. When asked for a copy of this policy, I was told that it was for liability reasons. I just gave up and said okay.

    The next day, I got a call from Cycle Gear and they said that they had a problem mounting the Shinko. They said that this tire is a rear tire and therefore they could not mount it on a front wheel. I explained that it was the proper size for the rim and that the TW's front wheel is larger than the rear wheel on many bikes. Again I was told for liability reasons, they would not mount a rear tire on a front wheel. Again, I just gave up and said that I would pick up my wheel and tire.

    Today, at lunchtime I stopped by a nearby independent motorcycle shop - MotoWrx - to see if they could mount this tire. They said sure, and if I would like to wait, they could do it as soon as they finished the one they were working on. No fuss, no drama, no new tube and they only charged me $20.00.

    It will be a little less convenient, but MotoWrx just got a new customer!


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    I came close to trying to buy a tire through my local Cycle Gear. I too was looking for the Shinko Golden Boy. I was not getting a good feeling as they stumbled through the order books, not inspiring me with confidence they knew what they were doing nor having a good idea just when it might be in or if it was really in stock at all. I finally told them I'd "think about it" and left the store. Found a good deal on a Kenda K270 online at Rocky Mt. ATV. Your story makes me glad I decided not to do business with them.

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    Cycle Gear seems to have gone downhill lately. I don't see the deals on simple, basic stuff anymore. Might as well shop elsewhere if all they have is the high dollar bling. Still, the Bedford TX Cycle Gear is the only place I've ever found that had a 180/80-14 tube in stock.

    I ordered a 52T sprocket from Jawzy's Motor Sports through eBay. They sent a 50T. Now I have to ship the 50T back at my expense before he will ship the 52T and refund the return shipping. That's bull shit.

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