Oil filter cover leaking
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    Hey all,

    Before I ride, I always do a quick look over my TW just to see if anything is out of place. Well, this Friday I saw dirt stuck to some oil that was coming out of my oil filter cover. The oil had ran all the way down the side of the motor and had been dripping off the engine guard. I checked the oil level and couldn’t get it to show in the window. I added 6 ounces of oil which brought it up to mid-point for a good level.

    So, I called the dealer, since the bike is only 10 months old, and 2300miles, and has a warranty. The first 500 miles maintenance was completed by this same shop. They said to bring it on down and they would look at it. On Saturday morning I took the bike in and they looked at it and stated:

    "The O-ring must be bad and it will be $50 to fix, and they will do an oil change too. The O-ring tend to go out around the mileage you have on your bike.”

    I responded with:

    "If it's going to be $50 for an O-ring that you replaced for its first maintenance it either has to be a faulty O-ring or someone put it in wrong or they pinched it when they installed it. Shouldn’t an O-ring at least last to the second factory maintenance scheduled for 4000 miles? If I have to pay to get a warrantied bike repaired for something they must have done wrong in the first place, I might as well have bought a used bike and do all the maintenance myself, and know it done right. It is only a $2 O-ring and a $10 quart of oil I could have saved myself a couple of grand.”

    So, the tech went back to the service manager and came back with the answer of.

    “No problem we will take care of it, but it might take a couple of days.”

    Long story short, I hate to have to be “that guy”, and I could understand them wanting to charge me for something I messed up, say putting the battery tender on wrong and frying the battery (which I haven’t done). But, this is the last place where their mechanic had his expensive little hands on my bike.

    I figured I’d share my first problem with the TW and the dealer.

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    It is most likely that the cover was not torqued properly. I will also guess that they will first re-torque your cover and then fire it up to see if it leaks. If it doesn't, they are done.

    I change all O-rings in the oil cap and oil filter cover every other oil change. Cheap insurance in my book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sorethumb View Post
    I change all O-rings in the oil cap and oil filter cover every other oil change. Cheap insurance in my book.
    Same here. I change o-rings on the screen plug and fill cap every other change, too. O-rings on the rocker covers and timing covers get changed every other valve adjustment.

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