Introduction and a Thank You
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Thread: Introduction and a Thank You

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    Introduction and a Thank You

    New member here- located in Maryland. I recently traded a 1963 Ford 4000 farm tractor I had for a 1987 TW200 with only 186 miles on it. The tractor ran but was in rough shape. The TW was in good shape but didn't run. It seemed like a fair trade! The guy that I traded with was pretty convinced the TW needed a new CDI- he said he spent a good amount of time ruling out the carb. I haven't had much time to investigate the TW since I got it a few weeks ago but I finally had some spare minutes today. First I changed the oil because I doubt it has been done in the last couple decades (thanks to the great tutorial I found on this site- it was clear enough that my 5 year old was able to follow along with the photos and help). I drained the little fuel that was in the tank and the carb bowl and replaced it with fresh gas, and I installed a new battery (LiFePo4). Sure enough, the bike didn't start. I checked around for wiring problems and cleaned up some contacts and it still would only cough a bit then die. Then I figured I'd try a trick I read on this site: I squeezed the CDI with vise grips. The bike fired up immediately! It seemed to run pretty smoothly too. I've already ordered a new CDI and I look forward to getting the bike sorted and ready to run again. The plan is to leave it out at my wife's family farm to use to ride trails alongside their '58 CJ5. This is my first motorcycle (I've always wanted one but my wife isn't a big fan of them). 99% of my free time is boating (actually 30% is boating and 69% is fixing my boats). I'm glad to have a new fun toy though, especially since my son seems interested in learning about it too.

    Thanks for all the help you've already provided. I've already learned a ton on this forum.

    Regarding my username, my older brother was an idiot when we were kids and he gave me that as a nickname (I don't know why). Somehow the name has stuck around for decades. Brothers can be the worst.

    Sorry the pic is upside down. I can't get it to show up right. It isn't upside down in my computer. If you click on it it should flip the right side up.
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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new TW. That's a sweet looking survivor!


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    Congrats on the trade, I know the feeling on the nickname, sometimes they just stick with ya
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    Welcome to you.

    I like this... too funny.
    "99% of my free time is boating (actually 30% is boating and 69% is fixing my boats)."

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    Welcome to the forum and please don't mention nicknames. It's a sensitive subject to us square-headed folks!

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    Very nice bike, indeed!

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    Welcome to the forum!!

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    Welcome to the forum. That bike looks like a museum piece. Nice find! As for nicknames mine refers to my group of ATV riding friends. My last name is Monty though so I have a very long list of nicknames. (Full Monty, Monty Python, list goes on...)
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. The bike does look good in person but it definitely looks better in the photo (as is usually the case). There are a few spots in the paint on the tank and one on the handlebars that need to be touched up but nothing major. The new CDI should be here next week and in the mean time I'll need to replace the chain and sort out a few odds and ends.

    I do feel fortunate to have such a good starting point with this bike. I didn't even find it- it found me! I listed the tractor on craigslist on the barter page and this is one of the offers I received. I was offered lots of interesting trades but this was the first guy to actually show up. I'm pretty excited about it- but I guess at some point I need to learn how to ride!
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    Welcome from Bel Air Maryland. Where about in Maryland are located?
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