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    The demographic survey I posted here quite a while back is about to cross a threshold as we've had almost 500 responses (493 at this writing 11/27/11). It's interesting to have a look at what it says about the people who post here (and probably a lot about TW riders in general)

    - More than a third of you visit the forum at least once a day, over 15% more than once a day.

    - Almost 68% of you are 41 years old or older. Almost a quarter are between 51-60 and over 15% are 60+

    - 95.33 % of the respondents are male. We have had only 23 ladies (of the 493 respondents) reply to our survey.

    - More than half of you have been riding motorcycles for more than 20 years (which we defined as "before there was dirt.")

    - Over 28% of you ride TWs that are 2008 models or newer.

    The survey has a little glitch in the "where do you live?" question as before we refined it to record distinct responses we'd already received 107 responses, but adding those to the 430 we got after refining the question, the state with the highest number of respondents was... (drum roll.....) - Alabama with just over 13% of the respondents hailing from that state.

    Interesting, more than half of the respondents were NOT from the United States (just over 52%). Of course we have lost of Canadian respondents, but also have TW riders in far-flung places like South Africa, Nunavut, Spain, Papua New Guinea, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Thailand, the UK, Chile, Ireland, Australia, Italy, and a few other spots.

    I wish I could say we have a prize for the lucky #500, but unless someone wantas to donate something, we don't. If you'd note fillied out the survey though, perhaps you will be #500. Here's where you go to do that –

    Complete the TW200 Riders Survey

    Have a look at the Survey results (Results are continuously updated)

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    Interesting how many people from your state have voted yet arnt active or care to post up on the forums. Part of the experience is riding with other tw'ers and share the common interest.

    I see 18 votes from az and i probably only know 3 of them in person. I remember when i first bought a tw and started posting up on these forums we had 6 of us all on one ride..now they've dropped like flys for several reasons and im lucky to find people to ride with.
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