Introduction and Choices
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Thread: Introduction and Choices

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    Introduction and Choices

    My family likes to camp. We have a fifth wheel, and we try to take a long trip every summer. I like to explore areas, especially dirt roads that lead to 4x4 trails ... but the 1 ton diesel does not make a very good exploration vehicle. Also, my wife will take the truck and kids to go do some activities during the day while I work from the trailer. This leaves me without transportation. It would also be nice to have a TW for a quick run to the local ACE (diesel does not do well for short driving cycles). I have been searching for a while to find a capable, street legal vehicle that I can easily transport on our trips. All of my searching led me to the TW 200 and this site.

    I've been learning a ton while reading through this forum, and I decided it was time to introduce myself. I am still looking for the right TW. I found a few options, but I am still mulling over the choices.

    Option 1: 1989 "like new" (not sure the picture agrees with this) condition with 8400 miles for $1000
    Option 2: 2002 "barely used like new" condition with less than 1400 miles for $2400
    Option 3: 2005 "excellent" condition with 11000 miles for $1800

    The 2005 was the deal that originally hooked me. I would have arranged to go look at the bike by now, but the post did not leave any contact information. The 2002 appears to be immaculate, but I wonder about a bike that sat with so little use for so long. I don't think I would pay more than $2000 for the 2002. The 1989 has been up for over a month. It started at $1400 ... then it dropped to $1200 and was tempting ... now it is $1000.

    I would love to have a project to work on, and the 1989 seems like it would have a lot of potential. A $1000 bike would free up cash to build it up the way I like. Plus, it already has a kickstarter ... and I'd need new tires on any of the choices. I feel like I am starting to lean toward the 1989, but maybe the 2005 will have contact info soon ... or maybe the 2002 deserves an offer. Or maybe I should keep waiting.
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    Welcome, Slinger. I have an '89 TW and love it. It's low mileage (less than 2500) and has a kick starter which is a big plus. The down side, depending on who you ask, is that it has a front drum brake. Seems to work fine for me. I vote for the '89 with enough dough left over to trick it out.
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    Welcome to the forum!!
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    Welcome from Maryland. Good luck on your choices. I have a 2006 with 10,000 miles and a 89 project bike. The money adds up quick especially when working on the older bikes. Gremlins at every turn. I have installed an o-ring chain and sprockets on my 2006 which cost over $200 New tires and tubes on my 2006 over $200. My 2006 needs the base gasket replaced. ???
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    I bought a 2001 with 48000 km on it and have had no issues and it now has over 50000 km.
    It has gone from a mostly street / FSR bike to a trail explorer.

    I would go for the 2005 and start enjoying the bike.
    First mod should be a trials tire on the front, then an ATV tire on the back, then hand guards and skid plate and then a folding shift lever and ....
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    Myself Id go with the 2002, low miles. Might need a carb cleaning but have lots of life left. Getting a project bike is fine but usually ends up costing more in the end for repairs. Make a offer of $2000 for the 02 see if they bite?
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    + the blue one already has taller bars [you're gonna want that anyway if you're taller than 5'4"] and kickstarter

    It looks like the 2002 was in the garage, so the sitting around probably isn't that big of a deal. The only thing really to worry about would be the chain and the battery, but he already replaced the battery.
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    Plus one on the 2002. Option 1 would be my second choice if you can contact the seller and the bike looks ok. Disc brake is a non issue to me, at least so far. It may need the carb gone through. The intake boot from the air filter would need to be inspected as they shrink and harden up over time and that causes it to pull off the intake of the carb allowing dirt to be sucked in. I'd take a grease gun to the swing arm, and check the the spokes and steering head. Good luck. You came to the right place for good info on the TW.
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    Welcome and happy hunting.
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    For me it would be 2001 and up. Search engine parts such as stator, rotor, CDI and compare availability and prices.
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