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    Random Thought...

    I haven't been around here a long time. Just picked up my new to me 2008 TW a couple weeks ago. The bike has 4400 miles on it. The more I dig into it, the more I realize that the previous owner(s) didn't do squat in maintaining the bike. Thank God there's so many knowledgeable people on this forum. I've learned a ton of good info...

    I read as much as I can before I ask questions here so as not to look foolish but I do keep asking myself this question: Why the hell aren't these bikes fuel injected yet?

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    1. It adds cost, weight (not just the pump, but requires more current and therefore a higher capacity charging system)
    2. It increases the size of the tank, without necessarily increasing the capacity
    3. A submerged fuel pump cannot use all the fuel in the tank, so that gives less range on the same quantity of fuel.

    Fuel injection runs better cold and at altitude. However, the TK MV28 on a 2017 has a vacuum operated slide and needle which adjusts mid range mixture for altitude.
    As for MPG, it would be difficult to better 78 MPG.
    Carbs can be generally repaired roadside.
    Yes, EFI is less effected by storing ethanol fuel too long, but I was delighted to have one last carbed bike.

    Yamaha has developed a simpler EFI system for the XT250, etal:


    On my Bonneville, not having to remember to turn on the petcock is an advantage and over 112 MPH out of 865cc is partially attributable to EFI.
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    And because they sell all they make without all that stuff.

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    KISS- keep it simple stupid.

    many have asked why and all but begged for what seem like easily made changes to our beloved bike; larger engine, larger tank, better suspension, etc... all of it would seem "so easy" but they have done next to nothing over the 31 yr span of this bike. nearly every part is interchangeable across 3 decades, that is unimaginable and unheard of for any other vehicle.

    how many do they really sell?
    here's data from 2010-11:

    Model – Units Sold
    1. Kawasaki KL650-E 4,006
    2. BMW R1200GS 1,142
    3. Kawasaki KLX250SF 1,011
    4. BMW R1200GS ADV 1,009
    5. Yamaha XT250 988
    6. Suzuki DR650SE 928
    7. BMW F800GS 923
    8. Kawasaki KLX250S 918
    9. Yamaha TW200E 785
    10. Suzuki DRZ-400S 727
    and for a lowly 785 sold in the US, again why would they bother?
    honestly a more relevant question is: why does yamaha keep producing the tw200?

    lets give thanks they do.
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    I think they would do something like that if they did a major update or revision to the machine. I prefer the carb myself. less to go wrong and cheaper to fix when it does
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty Blackstone View Post
    And because they sell all they make without all that stuff.
    Plus the tank configuration, which deeply straddles the frame, does not leave much room for a fuel pump.

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    Profits from TW sales likely help fund R&D for next years highly competitive and more profitable motocross market. Fuel injection would entail significant investment in re-tooling assembly lines. With the exception of a few thousand incorrect oil filters Yamaha already has an existing network of manufacturers happily machining, casting and molding all the bits and pieces Yamaha then assembles. Why rock the boat when TW sales volumes are small with likely a marginal propensity of improved sales due to a fuel injection upgrade. Face it, we ride the ugly duckling ignored orphan of Yamaha's product line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lomax View Post
    ...I prefer the carb myself. less to go wrong and cheaper to fix when it does
    EFI replaces the carb with a fuel injector AND
    a. Fuel pump
    b. Fuel level sensor
    c. Fuel pump relay
    d. Higher output charging system
    e. Larger battery
    and for the simplest system -
    f. incoming air temp sensor
    g. intake pressure sensor (usually MAP)
    h. engine temperature sensor
    i. more fused circuits

    and on the more sophisticated systems, add
    j. throttle position sensor
    k. oxygen sensor (heated 4 wire, instead of 2 wire, on newer models)
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    The Suzuki van van has FI. I wouldn't be concerned unless really doing lots of rides at extreme elevation changes. Just like the front disc some claim it a must some don't care.
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    As stated above, cost, complexity also this bike fits into the lower part of the DS market. There aren't any "modern" low cost DS motorcycles, so also lack of the competition doing anything newer or more modern doesn't force a revision. It doesn't hurt that it is decent at what it does and there is still a market for it.

    I like the ease of maintenance and relatively easy troubleshooting. The electric start is almost a negative in my eyes. But I love it when it works.
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