ADMIRAL - I finally figured it out! (I think)
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Thread: ADMIRAL - I finally figured it out! (I think)

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    ADMIRAL - I finally figured it out! (I think)

    I always wondered where Admiral got his "name".

    Thoughts of a famous maritime seamen are dancing though my head - but now, I get it (but, maybe he is a retired ship captain, which is cool, but I have no idea).

    My lovely and beautiful wife brought this home tonight, and it is effing delicious and budget friendly, just like a TW200!

    (yes, that is a princess shot glass, so what)

    Maybe Admiral will reply with more details...

    Admiral Nelson is Captain Morgan's uncle, I think....

    Thanks Admiral - This ones for you!

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    Bahahaha Too funny! The kids think it's funny to bring us bottles of this so we do have a couple in our booze cabinet.

    Enjoy your manly drink in your girly cup. Giggle
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    Damn, she said "girly cup"..heheh.
    - SW

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    Pretty funny stuff 1911garand!

    Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson could be in the relations tree, who knows!

    The forum name (Admiral) and the forum avatar didn't appear here at the same time. As the Mrs. has mentioned, the avatar idea came from some "gifts" from some recent Nelson descendants. I may have (guess I did) take some judicious liberty with the Admiral Nelson label for my avatar. In the avatar, it's hard to see the TW200 references but they are there.

    While I mentioned how I got my forum name in a thread about forum names a long time ago, a non-factual story behind the name is much more interesting than how I really got it.

    It is a fact I got this name given to me and the basis is either Lord Admiral Nelson from England or Admiral Nelson from the TV show Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

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    16 hp by volume? Think I have only 13 or so. No wonder I have a hard time keeping up with Admiral and Mrs.Admiral.
    My wife visited Admiral's statue while in London and she says Kris is much more handsome in person. roberts-cu0321-books-main-tease.jpg
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    Love the Avatar Kris, you two are a class act for sure. So glad you are among us.
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    I picture you as more the classic Lord Nelson type rather than the the tv show future sub guy. As for the gurly cup, that four to six oz. would knock me on my ass!
    But a quick comment about the spiced rum. Is it something fairly new that has caught on? Cause I'm likin Sailor Jerry alot these days. Especially after a couple of drinks and the Hula girl's swingin hips really do start to swing.

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