More comfort or bigger bike?
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Thread: More comfort or bigger bike?

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    More comfort or bigger bike?

    I've had my T-dub for about a year, and have had plenty of enjoyable rides on it. After putting it up in October for the winter, I had a chance on a recent, mild January day I took it out for a short ride.

    For some reason I found myself unhappy with the bumpy ride on a gravel road slamming my back, or the screaming engine on the short highway run. Anyway, it has me wondering if it is time for this old boy to look at a bigger bike—like a KLR—for greater comfort and ease of running down the highway to get to the less-traveled rural roads in my area.

    I know I could upgrade the POS original seat, but short of that, I don't know.

    Any thoughts form those of you who own bigger dual purpose bikes vs. the TW?

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    Seat concepts!!!!! Can't say enough good things about my seat. I used to be only able to ride for maybe 1/2 hour. Sometimes after a long ride my tail bone hurt so bad that I couldn't ride for days.
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    TW for the trails, Moab and dune riding. VStrom for road and FSRs - when you want to travel long distances.
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    More bikes is never the wrong answer. Though, I don't think ever heard that KLR and comfort were synonymous.

    Try Seat Concepts and lowering tire pressures off-road in the meantime.
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    Dont sell the will end up buying another one like I did. I had a DR650 that I sold the tw for. The dr is a great bike, i really regret selling it, but now for on/offroad i have a drz400s and the tw in my garage, very happy with that setup, but still missing that DR650, it was amazing on the highways and back roads, and it was manageable fun offroad, the drz is absolute blast offroad. So my vote goes for another bike.....but a seat concepts setup is not a bad choice too....either way, dont replace the tw!
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    Listen to the guys and get the better seat. Seems it might be significantly cheaper than buying another bike especially if you like your TW.
    And if the Seat Concepts does nothing for you you can sell it here, it'll get snapped up right away.

    I'm a former KLR650 owner. Great bike. Those guys that ride them from Montreal to Paraguay, I don't know how they do it. One of the most horrible riding stock seats after just an hour ride, even on a smooth street or highway.

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    Yep! If you want comfort everywhere you need at least 2 bikes. I'd probably get the DR650 over the KLR650. I think it's better off pavement and requires less mods.
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    The Seat Concepts seat was a HUGE game changer for me! My only regret is that I did not get one sooner!! Worth every $$

    As far as high RPM's on the pavement, I've never let that bother me. It's not like you can go fast enough to blow the thing up, so no worries there. If some annoying person gets too close to your ass, slow down to around 25 mph & make him ride it hard until you feel like pulling over. (Works better for the country roads I ride, may not apply in your area...)

    Variety is the spice of life, so if circumstance allows for a second bike, do it! Keep the TW, like a faithful hammer at the back of the tool box, it will always be there ready to do the MANY skilled jobs for which it was created. m.
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    How tall are you? How about a KTM 350EXC with about 3 more inched of custom seat and a big wad of cash for maintenance expenses? That way it could be orange just like Betty Boop.2013-KTM-350EXCF2.jpg
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    I've got a KLR that I ride if there is going to be long stretches of pavement but I REALLY like the TW's off road, trail or no trail, capability. My suggestion would be to get a bigger bike, and keep the TW also.
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