TW sighting OOB, ME
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    Jul 2010
    Had my first TW sighting while on a weekend get away with the wife to Old Orchard Beach, ME. Saw the guy ride up to the store and run in. Started heading that way to see if it actually was a T-Dub. The guy came out, threw a 12pack of Heineken on the seat / half on the gas tank and off he went. I was still to far away to get the guy's attention, but it was cool to see another bike out and about. Looked like a newer model. Was this anyone here?



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    Quartzsite, AZ/ Hoopeston, IL
    The only one I have seen is my reflection in a store front when I rode bye.

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    back in June I was in England for a week and France for the following week. Saw 1 T-Dub in London and the next week I saw 3 in Paris.

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