New Guy with a new question!
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Thread: New Guy with a new question!

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    New Guy with a new question!

    Hello Folks,

    I am new to the forum, I have been cruising around the forum trying to learn about the bike I just bought. I picked up a 2015 TW200 with 61 miles on it for a cheap price. Well I found out why, there was a mouse condo in the airbox. Fortunately they didn't make it past the metal screen in the airbox. However they did chew up the rubber duct that leads down to the filter, and some of the plastic on the airbox. I ordered some new parts, my question is when I was taking apart the airbox I noticed there was some sealant on the boot flange that goes from the airbox to the carb. Also there was some sealant on the plastic plate containing the metal screen where it attaches to the airbox. Does anyone know what the OEM sealant is? Is it yamabond, it was very "stringy" when the parts were pulled part. I would like to use the same stuff for the repair.

    Thank you,

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    Welcome to the board
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    I do not know what sealant is used by the factory, but would expect heat tolerant silicone rubber to work fine on a clean surface.

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    I don't know what sealant is oem but I just used regular silicone sealer when I replaced my intake boot. Heat should not be a problem in that area.
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    welcome aboard. are you sure it isn't grease? air boxes use a grease you can buy

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    I think it is a silicone paste like plumbers use. Welcome! You might want to look in the carb and make sure thats not the mouse pantry where they store all the seeds and pilfered dog food!
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    Welcome. Do we need to come up with a rabbit wire snorkel cover to keep the mice out? This seems to
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    Welcome. Cost , I'm not sure of , but , I'd go ahead and buy a whole new assembly for piece of mind. Trying to figure out the OEM adhesive or what not is time consuming etc. This way , there's no doubt it's correct. Also , a concoction of red pepper powder in water and sparingly applied deters critters. Auto manufacturers went to a plant based wire harness years ago. Folks were complain of these harnesses being destroyed by critters ( hence , a food source for them). The remedy was red pepper adhesive type applied to the new installed harness......FYI.
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