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Thread: Compass

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    I have never had success with mounting a compass on any motorcycle.
    Could not get a close to accurate read.
    However, when I placed my inexpensive pocket compass (designed to be a zipper pull type) on top of the front brake master cylinder, it indicated close to magnetic north.
    Easy to mount with a 4 mm screw.
    If it does not work, easy to remove.

    Will advise, after my trip to Sportsmans Warehouse, today.

    BTW, I removed the thermometer, as it was inaccurate and not easy to read (without reading glasses), then I remounted clock to the center of the bars.
    It has been very handy.

    Clock & Compass.JPGCompass.JPG
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    What, no GPS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RockyTFS View Post
    What, no GPS?
    When I am lost, I eventually want to find my way back, before running out of fuel.
    That does not mean that I care if I get lost!
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    Not all who wander aimlessly are lost.
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    It'll be funny if the bike was just facing the correct direction when you mounted the compass - and no matter which way you turn it always says you are going in that direction (like a broken clock - always correct twice a day). We may never know cause you may never make it back home.
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    I've never been lost but there has been a lot of times that I didn't know where I was
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    Go like hell, You'll get there quicker!

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    I have a built in compass it's only failed me once when we camping in Yosemite valley. For some reason I never could keep a good reference there.
    ”Everything You Know is Wrong”

    ” How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You Are Nowhere at All?”

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